Signage is one of the most affordable forms of advertising your product or services. Mostly, attractive signs grab attention especially at the intersections, while driving or near a famous spot. This may sound an easy task however requires much more thought process to it. If you want to explore this option, go through this blog to know 7 tips for improving your signage for benefitting the business.

Keep Your Sign Visible

It is the most important fundamental. “Less is more” imprint this sentence in your mind. Keep your sign clear and short. This makes it easy to address at a glance. Make sure that the size and font you choose is user friendly and is legible from afar. Moreover, do see all the obstacles that might come your way.


De-cluttering helps in making the signage communication successful. It ensures that the message goes through the way it is intended. A crowded sign with too many letters and sentences deviates focus and makes interpretation difficult. You must leave adequate white space for graphics or clarity, leaving around 30 – 40 % space is considered appropriate.

Readable Font Style

Choice of font style is crucial since the whole readability depends on it. Generally, easy to read and a form of crisp styles ensures maximum legibility. Professional fonts are available that are bold and black for clarity.

It is often thought that all caps are easy to read, but that is not the case. If you observe properly, a combination of caps and small letters are more suitable and is better in visual quality than all caps. Moreover, make sure that you do not choose more than 2 fonts for a single design that go together.

Graphics and Images

It is a known fact that borders increase reading speed up to 25 % and this especially works if the intended audience is automobile traffic. The border focuses the eye on the message, in such type logos do wonders with proper coloring and artwork.

Background Color Scheme

Try choosing a soothing background color that props your text and does not deviate attention. Black with light contrasting colors whereas white background and dark bold fonts are desirable. Greater contrast means greater legibility.

Color Combination

Outdoor Advertising Association of America has set 15 color combinations for apt readability at a distance, starts from first – black on yellow to last – white on red.


A classy wit always manages to grab attention. A smart humorous line can work wonders not only on the billboards but also in social media posts etc.


Clever marketing is an essential part of business growth, use these tips mentioned in detail to your advantage. If you are confused and looking for expert advice, head to Unity Signs for help. Call us at 281 679 5152 for inquiry or more.

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