Signs are no less than a loud form of outdoor advertising or office branding and ADA signs are a necessity of time to provide equal representation to people with disabilities. American Disabilities Act or ADA was passed in 1990. However, its compliance has now become necessary and is enforceable by Federal law, as of 2011. The act provides equal opportunities and representation to people with disabilities in every walk of life, from employment to shopping to transportation.

ADA signs benefit people who are blind, visually impaired, or have mobility or hearing issues and Unity Signs have been offering that comfort for many years to its corporate clients. Established in 2003, the company has given many clients their image and identity and has been providing their specialist services in the world of signage including ADA signs for office buildings.

The knowledge of ADA signs, their nature, rules and regulations, and materials makes Unity Signs a true expert in the field with a team of experts from in all aspects of the sign business. Let’s see why:

ADA Signs, unity Signs HoustonADA Rules Compliance

The ADA rules have specific parameters for signage products that must be followed. Companies run a serious risk of facing huge fines if they do not meet the ADA standards. Thus, it is of essence that you give the job to the right company that knows what they are doing. Unity Signs not only have proper knowledge of ADA compliance rules but it has been providing regular and custom ADA signs for its clients for years.

The company offers both tactile raised letters, tactile graphics and also Grade II braille for those blind and with low vision. The company ensures that these features are available in virtually any ADA compliant color combination and offers expert solutions to ADA compliant letter height, type of braille, color contrast, mounting location and more. ADA signs by Unity Signs make sure that people with disabilities have a consistent and easy-to-follow experience when navigating through office buildings.   

Branding and Creativity

ADA signs do not need to be boring anymore. Unity Signs pride themselves with designing signs that comply with ADA rules but still maintain those eye-catching characteristics as the regular and interesting signs while maintaining consistency with your other signs.

With Unity Signs, you can forget that your ADA signs experience will be limited to few options because there is no limit to size to create an ADA sign, as commonly perceived by many and no limit to what can be designed when it comes to creating an ADA signage.

Unity Signs ADA signs are as innovative as the other signs, we use high-contrast colors and appropriate font choices to maximize the visibility and legibility of your sign’s message. With Unity Signs, you can shake off the feelings of monotonous ADA signage for your office building and replace them with creative, unique and crafty signage pieces.

Specialist Services

Unity Signs have been known for their expert services in all aspect of signage business. Having years-long experience in creating a wide range of signs, Unity Signs offer perfection in designing, fabrication of all types of signs and services. They are famous for providing unique, eye-catching and all sizes of signs in Southeast Texas.

The company is a one-stop solution place of your all signage needs as Unity signs pride themselves in providing excellent services in all areas including design, fabrication, installation, general and parking lot maintenance and sign repair. Their professionalism does not end here, Unity Signs take complete responsibility for their products and offer warranty of signs in case of any defects.

The company ensures speedy delivery, prompt customer service and fast installation schedule with affordable production of any size. You can opt for personal, online and in shop services and can get a free quote regarding any project of yours upon simply giving a call.

A Note on Valuing Everyone

There are over 2.5 million citizens in the USA who are legally blind and require equal representation in the employment sector. ADA-compliant business signs send the strong message of your business valuing ALL people. Unity Signs understand that it is important to create the best experience possible for everyone who enters the building and has provided numerous ADA compliant products over the years. Whether it is raster braille or photopolymer signs, you can trust Unity Signs to provide you with regular or custom ADA signs with the top-notch quality that you deserve.

If you still have any queries, visit our website to know more about our professional team and services. Once you have worked with us, you will know our high standards of quality, fast turnaround, and superior services at affordable prices.


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