Colors play a huge role in making or breaking the mood; blue sky and water with green fields add a sense of serenity, does it not? Well, if you think a little deeper, colors impact more than just mood; it plays on a psychological level. That is why it is not right to just go with any color like red or blue for your sign; go for a proper color combination for maximum impact and perfect color blend.

Color Psychology

Different set of colors has a different psychological impact. Marketing color gimmick plays with emotional reactions. Let’s learn some basics.

  • Cold Colors – These are cool colors and showcase calmness and balance, such as green, violet, blue, and every shade that comes in between.
  • Warm Colors – these are vibrant and give off energy, and colors like orange, red, yellow, and shades in between are examples of this category.
  • Neutral Colors – include black, white, and an intermediate- grey.

    Warm and cool colors have an interesting relationship as they provide an eye-catching contrast. Well, the reason why we look for such combination is because it increases legibility of the sign and makes it increasingly striking.

    Significance of Commonly Used Colors

    Now with a broad base of knowledge regarding warm and cold colors, let’s discuss some commonly used focus colors and their emotional impact as well.

    Red Color

    Red is a significant imposing color. It shows urgency, excitement as well as action. According to psychology, it is best when used for urgent sales. Moreover, since it is a color of vigor, you can also use it for making playland signs. Red also engages appetite, so it is a popular color for various famous food chains such as Mc. Donald’s and Coca-Cola.

    Blue Color

    Recall the soothing and serenity effect we talked about in the first paragraph. Blue is associated with water, peace, and reliability. It effectively stimulates productivity and curbs appetite. Many brands make use of this color for its soothing properties and more so because it looks trustworthy. If you belong to the healthcare or engineering profession, blue is yours.

    Violet Color

    Purple is a royal color and was not seen on commoners for ages until now. It is a prevalent color and marks exquisiteness and luxury. This color is perfect for the jewels business.

    Green Color

    It is a marker of health, nature, power, and tranquility. Green and its shades promote relaxation and strikes environmental issues. This color is a harmony trigger and speaks balance and decisiveness.

    Orange Color

    A shade of excitement and passion, it is widely used to represent food.

    Yellow Color

    Optimism and energy are the charms more than excitement and bliss.


    Every color has its unique properties. Now that you have a basic and slight depth of knowledge, you can think of the color theme for your business. Our opinion is to get expert advise on this as it will make or break your label. Trust Unity signs for your troubles, call 281 679 5152.

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