If you are here on the unity signs website, you already know signage is vital for your business. Even though traditional 2D signs are important, there are ways to take them one step further by getting a 3D sign. Let’s discuss some benefits of having a 3D sign for your business.

Encapsulate The Details Immaculately:

3D signs are a great way to bring your logo and letters to life. A 3D sign serves justice to several sign design elements, which a 2D sign can’t do. The crafting process is refined enough to bring small details of your logo and words into the 3D sign.

Say Hello To Backlighting:

This option is not available with 2D designs. Specifically,the 3D characters of a 2D design can themselves cast a shadow and create an excellent depth effect. However,you can enhance these characters further by using backlighting. Not only do backlit signs look elegant and professional, but they also help you achieve better visibility. In essence, you hit two birds with a single stone. Moreover, you can tap into the psychology of colors and how they can affect your clientage better with backlit signs.

3D Signs Equates To Better Brand Awareness:

A well-placed 3D sign is visible from quite a distance, and it’s something that a 2D sign cannot match. However, that’s the tip of the iceberg. Our eyes are attracted by 3D signs quickly, and this effect doesn’t wear off easily. In fact,the brain can’t easily stop noticing a 3D sign; the stunning impact of a 3D sign remains evergreen,although it may diminish a bit. Hence, the impact of a 3D sign may last longer than any other form of a marketing campaign. Now that we have grazed the topic of noticeability, here is one way a 3D sign can make your business more noticeable:

Almost all 2D signs lose their visibility, but backlit 3D signs will not. Imagine how efficiently a red-backlit sign will grab attention in the silence of the night for a restaurant. Not only will it be visible from a distance, but the red color can also instigate hunger and stir up an appetite.

Easy To Install:

When you are experimenting with sign placement, the ease of installation is key. You can quickly relocate and reinstall a 3D sign to a new location until you have found the perfect spot.

Wide Choice Of Material:

3D signs provide more than the flexibility of just design; you can use a variety of materials for your signage. For signs placed outside, it’s better to use sturdy materials such as metal and wood because your sign has to stand tall against weathering environmental agents. However, for indoor signage, you can use flimsier material.

A Great Investment:

That’s how 3D signs benefit your business. 3D signs don’t put a cap on your creativity and allow you better visibility and noticeability; what could a business want more than that? If you need an expert who can assist you while you journey from a signage dream to reality, Unity signs can help.Call us today at 281-679-5152 to learn more about how we can help you!

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