If you think signage is only for displaying business signs, then you are wrong because there are so much more that you can get with signage. Increasing an event experience is one of them.  You need signage on Events for directing people, supplementing event schedule, safety warnings, advertising a brand, or simply to entertain guests. Every event differs from another, so your signage should be according to your needs. If your signage is attractive and impressive, it can leave a very positive impact on viewers. 

So, when it comes to the event details, the signage seems the basic of all. But even the slightest mistake in this essential detail can put your entire event at risk. Imagine signage mentioning directions for attendees is not clear and concise; think of the chaos that is created in the event. So, for better viewer experience, signage should be clear and brief. 

There are many tips that you can use for a better viewing experience. So, here are some killer tips to make your next event the talk of the town with some fancy and some simple impressive signage ideas.

Tips for Better Event Signage

Event Objective is Where it All Starts

Before placing any signs on your event, keep in mind the main objective of your event. If your event claims to collect charity, then your sign should be relative to it, and if the event is to promote a brand, then signs should be according to it. So, the objective of any event determines the signage you will require.

Stair Transformation is Smart Way to do Branding

You can transform the staircase into an exclusive branding space. A stair wrap is an astounding approach to advertise your brand and direct attendees.

Use the power of Nature

Using nature like placing signs against rocks or hanging them from branches of trees, makes your signage look very attractive. You can either exhibit an opportunity or supplement guests with directions and safety warnings with these signs. However, these are good for small signs.

Use Balloons for Cheerful Mood

Balloons are a very good option when you have to advertise your brand. Get your logo printed on balloons and there you have a great branding opportunity. You can even use balloons as welcome signs and for naming your food, beverages or dessert stations. The name of your event can be printed on them too.

Over sized Helium Balloons

These balloons can be seen from distant. They are great for outdoor events and advertise your brand to a vast majority of people. 

Handwritten Signage for a Personal and Warm Touch

No matter how much the era is technological, the importance of paper can never be denied. Handwritten signage will give a sense of warmth to your guests. It is an excellent option to place menu options. You can get creative by using chalkboards to cardboard’s. Also, use multiple styles of calligraphy.

Hanging Banner is Your Good Old Friend

One of the least difficult and best type of signage you can set up is a hanging banner. You can get them in sturdy and weatherproof vinyl, and they’re utterly reasonable, as well.

Table Signage

On the off chance that you are lacking in space, at that point, why not let the furniture serve as your signage? Table signs are extraordinary for weddings and gathering enlistment tables.

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps are another thing that can transform anything into signage. You even might have seen some vehicles using them. They can stick to practically any smooth surface you can imagine.

Graffiti Walls is always a Pleasure to See

Another unusual approach for branding or to promote your event is a graffiti wall. You can hire a local artist and get some custom art created. Do not forget to include any business social media info and hashtags.

Use Digital Signage because its 21st Century

Technology has substituted paper in many ways. E-books have taken over paperbacks and hardcovers. People prefer digital signs more than cardboard signs, for they are visually convenient and different slides can display several things in one screen. So attendees would not have to look for here and there for various areas, and one sign can do all for them.

Use Neon Signs and Bring the Drama

Ever wondered how those luminous colorful signage attract you in the streets? You can do that too and attract your visitors. Neon signs are a very effective way to display signage that is experienced best. Though they can be pricey, you can use the same sign multiple times; it would be worth the money. 

Use Floating Signs for a Magical feel

Floating signs are an attractive option for event signage. They give an impression as if they are floating in the air. This signage can be used both indoors and outdoors and are ideal for branding and sponsorship. 

Floor Decals

Floor decals or floor graphics are yet another way to brand your event or to provide convenience to visitors. Floor graphics are also useful if you are looking for some unused space for signage. Floor decals can assist you with the event flow, likewise, it can be used for marketing purposes.

Using Projectors Never Gets Old

Using projectors is the most cost-effective way of displaying signage. This signage can be used if you do not have permissions to print on walls, floors, or ceilings, or if you are looking for an economical way to display your signage. You can set up a projector and use a flat area like a wall, ceiling, or floor to make great branding opportunities.

See-Through Graphics

You can use see-through graphics not only for solar control but also for signage. This is another very budget-friendly way of putting up signage that can serve the purpose of two different things in one shot.

360-Degree Graphics Signage

Another way to give your business a 360-degree exposure is to place signage that is visible in all directions. Choose a place like the entrance of the hallway to place the sign so that it surrounds all your attendees. This signage will stand out among the other signs as it can be a showstopper.

Placing QR Codes

You can supplement your guests with access to the session content and other branding and sponsorship opportunities by displaying QR codes. Scanning those QR codes will download the available files and slides automatically.

And Don’t Forget To;

  • Make sure that your sign has appropriate margins in between the words. So that it looks completely readable and is properly legible for everyone.
  • Use larger font and larger letters so that it is easier for people to view your sign.
  • Keep the length of your text short because the long texts seem inconvenient to many people. And they get bored while reading it and give up in the middle.
  • Always keep your text simple so that everyone can understand it. Complex texts are hardly appealing.
  • Adding a border to your sign increases the chance of grabbing readers’ attention. This happens because when an edge is added to a sign, the text becomes more focused and clear.
  • This is a must to think upon. The right color combination is always necessary for the right representation. It is preferred to use light colors on dark backgrounds and, similarly, dark colors on light backgrounds.
  • If you want your sign to be liked by viewers, it must be aesthetically pleasing. This draws the attention of the viewer, and he feels bound to read it. 
  • Make sure that the area you choose for the placement of your sign is an appropriate place for people as well as the sign. There should be no hurdles in the way that may block the viewer’s sight from reaching to the sign.

And yes, you can also DIY some of the elements to add your personal touch to the signage and the event. Obviously, it is only possible on a small scale and will largely depend on the nature of your event. For bigger events and more prominent signage, you will have to hire a signage company.

And last but not least, do not forget to hire a signage company that can provide you a variety of signage with the quality that is worthy of displaying at occasions like parties, weddings, and other celebratory events. 

Wrapping Up

Being creative with signage will not only add glory to your event, but concise and clear signs will also give viewers a better experience.

Signage has an exceptionally visual nature. They give a lot of chances to promote your event, direct guests, and advertise your brand. Be very innovative and productive with your signage so that they can wow your visitors.


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