In the current era, the advertisement has become everything. You need to advertise if you want to sell. Therefore innovative ideas are being floated in the market to make a product or service rock.

Likewise, the real estate agency is facing tough challenges when it comes to marketing. They do advertise through latest techniques like FB, or their websites but they have to advertise in their locality, that is the real challenge for them. They have to attract their local clientage to sell so that need to adopt traditional ways too to advertise themselves. And when it comes to traditional advertisement, nothing beats the signboards.

So, signboards are first and topmost priority for real estate agencies to market.

Selection of signboards:

While selecting a signboard for your real estate agency, one must keep in mind a few things as below.

When it gets to select the signboard then durability is the first thing that needs consideration. As these sign boards are exposed 24 hours long to open air, cold, sunshine and dust; one must keep in mind that signboards are not shattered, broken or damaged while they stand high through roadsides or on the rooftop of a big mall. The material used for these signboards for real estate agencies must be durable and strong and must not bend owing strong winds.

Color selection:

Colors must be selected in a way that is easily visible in both day and night time. The colors must not fade away while they are exposed to sunshine most of the time. When you are advertising for a real estate agency, it is important to focus on this factor that colors used must be compatible with the ideas, should not use very sharp or bright colors but tones must be light and with a corporate touch.

Types of signboards for real estate:

When we talk about types of signboards for real estate agencies, in particular, there is no such hard and fast rule in this regard. There are no particular criteria for selecting a signboard for advertisement of a real estate agent and their offers. But still, we need to keep in mind few rules while choosing a suitable signboard for advertisement. Especially materials of signboards.

Below is a short introduction of different types of signboards used for real estate agencies.

Medium Density Overlay

Medium Density Overlay, also known as MDO, is made of plywood panels with a resin fiber fused to the surface. This material is commonly used in sign boards for real estate agencies as it is durable enough to last for many years in an open environment.

The main features of MDO are:

  • ½” or ¾” finished plywood
  • Paintable
  • Strong and solid built
  • Durability for a longer period
  • Site board advertisement
  • Double-sided use


When it comes to the marketing of a real estate agency, Aluminum sheets are the first choice among customers due to their many benefits.

Aluminum sheets come in a variety of colors and the best part is they do not rust and have the ability to resist damage, other material might face while exposing to an open material like sun heat and dust.

Due to its flexibility, an aluminum sign would not be torn or bend too high-speed winds or heavy rains.

The main features of Aluminum are:

  • Flexibility
  • 2′ height by 3′ width, 3′ height by 2′ width, 2′ height by 4′ width
  • Resistant to rust and chemicals
  • Easily machined
  • Light-weight
  • Reflects heat and light


You can consider dibond as a copy of aluminum except that it is thicker than aluminum and indeed adds to its durability and strength. The main difference is, dibond comes with additional dimensions and plastic core that gives more depth but does not add to the weight. This plastic core gives about 10 times more strength than an ordinary aluminum sheet.

The good on Dibond part is, it is highly resistant to cold and hot weather and can sustain there for a longer span.

So, when it comes to an advertisement for a real estate agency, dibond is becoming a popular choice.

The main features of dibond:

  • Resistant to rust
  • Excellent processing
  • Color quality
  • flat surface
  • Stocked and distributed locally (Very important for real estate agency marketing)
  • Optimized for outdoor use
  • Low thermal expansion and low weight
  • Cost-effective


Like Dibond, Alumalite also has a thicker core. Instead of a solid core, it has a corrugated, or ribbed, plastic core between two sheets of factory enameled aluminum. That hollow core gives it great panel strength! It comes in both ¼” and ½” thicknesses and it is built to last – this material is strong, rigid and weather-resistant. Customize Alumalite with a full-color design and add edge-capping for a professional finish. It’s a “great” sign material for your custom outdoor sign.

The main features of Alumalite are:

  • ¼” and ½”
  • Long lasting
  • Strong and weather resistant
  • Best for custom outdoor signs (best for real estate agency advertisement)

So, if you are a real estate agency; looking to advertise the house, offices or malls on your panel for sale or rent out in Houston, come visit us at Unity signs and you can choose the best among a variety of signboards we offer. Our experts will help you choose the one that suits best with your advertisement requirements.

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