Attracting customers towards any product or brand heavily relies on the quality and positioning of their storefront signage. As part of an extremely crucial investment, it is important to note that signage requires regular maintenance to keep it looking in its best shape and function!

It is recommended for businesses to contract a yearly signage cleaning and maintenance to avoid any costly or unanticipated costs in the long run. Planning a maintenance can ensure that your storefront signs are always in top-notch condition, enhancing brands visibility and are safely installed.

At Unity Signs, our signage experts can help you overcome shoddy looking signage which might reflect badly on your reputation. In the following regard, we have compiled a list of common signage repairs you might keep a lookout for.

Burnt Out Lights

If you have illuminated signs including LED bulbs or strip light, the most obvious sign of wear and tear is burnt out lights. Burnt out signs can reflect badly on the overall business looking unappealing to the eye. While lighted signs work all hours of the day, it is common that some might burn out due to constant heat and electricity fluctuations. Keep an eye on the signage lighting and make sure to timely call for professional help to replace bulbs, batteries or an entire sign if lights are burnt out.

Dirty Signage

Business signs serve the purpose of being displayed for everyone to see being constantly exposed to dust and dirt. As the year passes through, dirt can accumulate over your storefront sign which can make it look unappealing and unnoticeable for customers. In order to avoid that. Scheduling a regular cleaning and maintenance might be of great help. While you can resort to a DIY approach, professional cleaning allows for a more safe, accountable and practical step.


Outdoor signs are exposed to extreme temperatures, changing weathers and other external environmental factors for which they can deteriorate and appear dull overtime. In order to overcome this issue, talk to professional sign repair and maintenance service in Houston, TX, for a cost effective and long term solution including sign repainting or UV lamination etc.

Cracked or Chipped Signage Material

Many signage options are not entirely shock resistant. If a chip or crack appears on your signage depending on the material used such as ceramic, wood or plastic – a professional maintenance repair expert can help for an alternative solution.

Sign Hardware Inspection

In order to check for your sign’s safe installation, it is important to call for regular help aimed at inspecting the mounting hardware and brackets holding the sign together. Ensuring that the signage is secured and installed correctly is important for customer and worker safety.

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If you suspect any issues with your storefront sign or are looking for a regular maintenance contractor, Unity Signs provides specialized sign repair and maintenance services in Houston TX. Call us at (281) 679-5152 for more queries!

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