Construction sites are busy areas with people, equipment and heavy machinery moving around. There are many potential dangers associated with construction and it is important for all construction sites to have signs displayed prominently. All builders and contractors are expected to know about these construction signs and how to comply with safety regulations where these signs are concerned.

The regulatory body overseeing this is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. OSHA has issued clear directions via the government standards authority and other organizations on safety regulations around construction sites that builders must comply with. These include mandatory signs, signage size, color, font type and size, words and symbols.

It is very important for people managing, working on or visiting construction sites to be aware of where they are at risk and what the risks are.

We have some basic construction signs requirements listed here.

Communicate the level of risk.

Danger: where there is a very high risk of serious injury or even death.

These signs have a bright red banner with white letters on it, and a symbol of an exclamation mark within a triangle.

Warning: risky areas, but not as risky as ones that warrant the Danger sign.

These signs have a yellow banner with black lettering on it. Symbols on these signs include the one on Danger sign, along with specific ones such as “hard hat zone” and others.

These signs are placed in areas where there is a potential hazard.

Caution: low risk in terms of serious injury or death but care is advised. The symbols used here will always include the exclamation mark in a triangle.

Such signs are used as advisory notices to employees and visitors.

Moving away from signage that warns of risks, a construction site will have other signs clearly labeled required by local, state and federal laws.

Informational signs

Informational signs such as Exit, fire safety signs like Fire Alarm, general notices like No Smoking, 24-Hour CCTV, Manager’s Office, Janitor’s Store, etc. are all signage set out clearly within and outside construction areas, as per the law.

Construction Signs , Unity SignsCorrect placement of signs

Safety signs on construction signs need to be placed in the right spot, at the right height so they are visible from a distance.

Best quality

The signs placed around construction sites should be of the best quality to reduce wear and tear in a rough environment. They need to be fixed properly so they themselves are not a risk to people around them!

In spite of all mandatory precautionary and warning signs, OSHA says 63.7% of deaths in the construction industry in 2016 were due to falls, being struck by a heavy object, electrocution and getting caught in-between.


If you are looking to manage a construction site, you would need permissions from local authorities as well as information from local, state and federal agencies to know what signs you need to put up for the work being done. Are you demolishing an older building, renovating or building from scratch? A lot of signage will depend on this.

Please remember, the information provided here is for general purposes only. People looking to own, manage or work at construction sites need proper guidance from the relevant authorities.


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