The word “digital technologies” encapsulates many exciting technologies that impart a lasting impression on our lives. One such aspect is digital signage. The use of digital signs has grown so fast that you can’t imagine a mall, restaurant, or burger joint without them. Apparently, it’s all around us, and this vivid way of marketing works wonders. Hence, it’s natural to think about using them for your business. However, before you delve into the world of digital signage, let’s clear out the basics and how you can use them for your business.

What Does Digital Signage Mean?

Again it’s a broad term, and it isn’t easy to pin down the exact meaning. This is because digital signage includes many forms of signs and advertising techniques. Hence, at this point, it is more suitable to identify what digital signage excludes.

Any advertising sign that doesn’t involve the use of screens or led display can be outclassed in the world of digital signage. This includes conventional signs such as free-standing signs, monolith signs, physical banners, posters, or billboards.

The following is part and parcel of the digital signage ecosystem:

  • Screens: LCD screens, LED screens, TVs, or anything that can display digital media.
  • Connections And Installation: You will need electrical connections for anything that works on electricity. Digital signs are no exception. As for installation, you would need a mount to place the screen in a visible area.
  • Digital Media: Digital signs won’t deliver their punch without digital media. These can include anything from videos to animated photos. The content of the media decides how powerful your advert is.

How Can You Use Digital Signs For Your Business?

To Exhibit Your Services:
An LED TV with an engaging video or slideshow is just what you need to capture the attention of visitors and inform them about your services. Your imagination is the limit here, as you can create awareness in several forms. For example, a video explaining how you can add value to the life of your customers can surely deliver the message.

To Display Costing And Promotions:
Do you have a sale going on or some alluring promotions? Make them more enticing by integrating them with digital signage. The same goes for your service charges and prices. Restaurants and fast food joints often display their menu and promotions on an array of TVs behind their cash counters.

For Posting Motivational Quotes And Instructions:
Digital signs don’t necessarily have to showcase your services or promotions. For a change, you can use them to increase the productivity of your workplace by displaying some motivational quotes. They can also lift the mood among the visitors. On the other hand, you can also use digital signage to illustrate workplace instructions or emergency actions.

We have covered some of the common and mainstream uses of digital signage. Discover creative uses of it, and to support you in your creative endeavors, Unity Signs is here. Feel free to call us at to learn more about our services and how we can help you manifest your design ideas.

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