We see outdoor banners everywhere, every time we step out of the house. Considering just how much information is thrown at a consumer on a daily basis, businesses need to make sure they are designing effective outdoor banners, so their message isn’t lost and but at the same time isn’t glaringly obvious.

We have some ideas businesses can use to make sure their banners are doing the job they are supposed to: advertise the brand, increase footfall and brand recall.


It’s tempting to watch a tutorial online and use the software to quickly create a banner but is it the right way to go about designing an attractive banner? No, it’s not.

Graphics should be done by professionals in order to create banners that grab the right kind of attention.

The color palette, font, logo and text placement and any graphics required need a professional eye. Don’t compromise on this – it can make or break your campaign!

The 3 Ws: What, Where, Why

Putting serious thought behind these is very important.

What is the purpose of your business’ outdoor banner? Where is it going to be placed and why have you chosen that location?

Where is the banner being placed? Is it in a high-traffic area? Is it a location that needs to be visible from far off? The size of the outdoor banner and the font on it will be heavily dependent on this.

Why is the banner needed? Is it to advertise a brand or a campaign? If it’s calling for action, the bright color like red with contrasting text works wonders: the message for Blood Drive – Donate here! in high contrast colors with the large font is sure to grab attention and get people in.

Short, Simple, Stylish

Messages on banners need to be short. The words need to be simple and the font stylish. For banners, less is definitely more.

Store-front banners should never have too much text – it’ll confuse the reader and not make an impression on passers-by. White space on these banners is good since the business’ name is at the forefront with no distracting elements.

However, for banners that are informative (such as campaign and advertising banners) more is needed. Logos are a must, while contact information and campaign highlights should all be shown concisely. Fonts and colors that are easily readable should be used.

Grab Attention

Effective outdoor banners are readable from a distance with the help of high-contrast colors and bold, easy to read text used.  The industry standard is to use 3-inch-high letters for every 40 meters of readability.

The text, colors and the graphics on outdoor banners should be high-resolution to avoid pixelation at the time of printing which gives a shoddy, unprofessional impression.

The banner should be well-lit for visibility after dark, especially if colors other than black and white are being used. Backlights and spotlights are good options for increasing visibility after dark.

Stay True To The Identity

At all times, outdoor banners should stay true to the brand’s identity. The logo, font, color palette and voice used should be the same as those used in the brand’s other properties.

Appropriate Mounting

Of course, the back-side of a banner is as important as the front. Outdoor banner mounting should be strong and waterproof, so the banner stays up and taut.

Designing effective outdoor banners is not difficult but need to be well-designed, well-made and well-worded. Once a brand has these perfect, the banners will be effective in achieving its purpose.


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