Illuminated signage is always considered an outstanding choice for any business. Channel letters are used by companies that want an impact and classy look for their signage. With reverse channel letters, you have the opportunity to select from a variety of customization options in order to craft the perfect look for your storefront that seizes the customers’ attention any time of day. However, you must consider some critical factors before making a purchase. But before we get into the details of our topic, let’s first get to know what reverse channel letters are.

What are Reverse Channel Letters?

Reverse channel letters or reverse-lit channel letters signage is the variety of channel letters that are lit from behind. These signs are mounted away from the wall, which causes the light to form a halo effect behind the sign. The light projects onto the wall behind the sign ensuring a soft glow. Thus, reverse-lit channel letters are known to give a great ambiance to your storefront. They are also known as halo-lit letters. The distance from the wall to the sign enables the halo of lighting around each individual character, making the reverse-lit channel letters to stand out.

Reverse channel letters have a metal face and are also custom-made using aluminum letters.  These signs usually carry clear Lexan or polycarbonate backs. LED lights light up the letters and logos, using backlighting. You can decide on from a variety of colors for the acrylic faces, translucent vinyl, and trim cap.

Now, that we know what reverse channel letter signs are, let’s move to the factors you must consider before choosing them.

Identify Your Promotional Goals

First thing first, you must clearly identify and categorize the goals that you desire to attain with promotional efforts. There are different types of materials, and styles and you can only find the proper one or ones when you know what you want from them.

Therefore, You must consider your business industry that what verities of reverse-lit channel letters signage would be best for your business nature and do you want the sign to be mounted for long time or not. All these things will not only ensure the relevancy of the signage as per your target audience and business but also help you design your budget. 

Also, you must ask the question like you are looking to appeal a diverse group of people or a particular group? Because a cost-effective piece will be most suitable if your target customer section is a specific group of individuals. Knowing this will help you keep your buying cost in control as well. On the other side, if your business targets a diverse population, you can meet the expense of a higher priced product with better functionality as well. 

Work on your Budget

You only get what you pay for, and there’s no denying it. Reverse channel letters types usually cost more than front-lit channel letters. However, it does not mean that you cannot get a durable and useful piece within a reasonable range.

Therefore, you must discuss your budget with the signage company so that you can successfully balance the quality and durability of the sign with the amount of cash you are willing to pay. 

It is also advised to research the market prices and get quotes from different companies to get better pricing estimations and results, especially if you have to purchase a lot of signs. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the delivery costs when comparing prices.

Quality of the Material is of Essence

Quality of the material is the primary thing you must pay attention to. A good quality sign will not only look great but will also last long. And in the case of channel letters, it becomes imperative so make sure that the material would be able to endure different weather conditions.

Therefore, we will advise you to visit the store and see the quality for yourself instead of purchasing online. You can also have your sign custom made for better results.

Compliance to Law & Safety Measures

All businesses, whether small or major, must know the building codes and the permits that might be required to install the reverse channel letter signs in the area. Different states have different laws concerning type or size of outdoor signs and branding efforts. Failure to comply with these signs can result in heavy fines.

You can ask from the installation company to guarantee that the signs will be UL certified. By conforming to the international standards, you will know that your sign will be top quality and durable. When channel letter signs are UL certified, it means that they are properly grounded, have no weaknesses, and will adequately drain if exposed to the elements. 

You will also need to make sure that all the electrical components of the signs are correctly insulated. Depending on the mounting you prefer, the terms for insulation and layout may change. Thus, make sure to follow up with the signage establishment you are using.

Be Knowledgeable about the Letters and Logos

Branding is of the essence to establish your name in the marketplace, and you will need an excellent logo, company colors, and fonts for the matter. However, when it comes to channel letters, these branding goodies are directly related to cost.

The usual size of a reverse channel letter equals an average of twenty LED bulbs, meaning an average cost of about $150-$300 per letter. And the bigger the letter you choose, the more bulbs and materials you will require, leading to a greater cost. So, anticipate a slightly higher cost when deciding to have a logo integrated into your reverse channel letter sign. However, you cannot accurately estimate how many light bulbs will be required for a logo since the sizes differ.

Do not Forget about the Warranty

Make sure the reverse channel letters you have ordered come with a warranty as it will protect you from any electrical problems or mounting issues that could happen out of the blue.

Why Choose Unity Signs?

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