Take a look around; what will you see common in businesses near you? They all have a logo. A logo is the need of today’s business world; no brand can survive, let alone progress, without a logo. A logo is your brand’s face, and your customer relates to your brand through a logo. Therefore, you will need a logo that makes an impact and is memorable. Here are some features that make up a good logo.

Keep The Logo Simple:

Recall all the famous logos you can remember? What do you think makes them stick? It’s their simplicity. Take Nike for an example; the value they have associated with just a tick mark. A simple logo has all the features a logo must encompass: it’s readable and easy to remember. Filling up logos with detail may mask the essence of your business and make the logo cumbersome. Therefore, such a logo will be ignored in broad daylight, and it will be nothing more than a leak in your marketing budget. A simple logo focuses on highlighting the central aspect of your business: font, color, and whatever you feel is absolutely important for your business identity. A simple logo provides you with limited real estate to work on, so you need to filter out ideas and get creative with how you want to place your business identity on a logo.

Design A Logo That Coneys Your Brand Ideals:

Have you ever heard of this saying? A picture speaks a thousand words. The logo is like that picture. It needs to be relatable and be able to express the essence of your services. This may seem obvious, but it is pretty challenging. As a business, you would have a list of ideals and brand perks. However, you cannot choose to include them all in your logo. Therefore, you have to go with one or a maximum of two brand perks that make your business unique.

Furthermore, you need to extend these points into your slogan to solidify your business message and identity. Take Amazon as an example; the arrow sign can also be interpreted as a smile, displaying the brand’s friendliness. Furthermore, the arrow extends from A to Z, hinting at the infinite range of products available at the store.

Don’t Ignore The Color Scheme:

Color has a significant impact on humans, and it can subconsciously incur emotions and alter the course of human action. A range of colors is known to relate to various emotions. For example:

Red: Incur intense emotions like appetite and excitement.
Orange: Relates with joy and happiness.
Blue: instills calmness, and it is used as a color of trust.
Similarly, many other colors also have their role to play. Therefore, choose the color palette of your logo carefully.

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