Hooray! You’ve finally decided to fulfill your dream of owning a brick and mortar store for your business and are in the final stages of completion. Now the most pressing item on your to-do list is getting your store signage up. We have some tips that will help in finding the right signage maker in Houston.

First Impressions.

How did you hear of a particular signage maker?

Did you see a sign you like and walk into the store to ask who made it? There’s the right first impression for you! Talk to store owners who have signage that you think is good and get names from them.

Does the company’s online presence build confidence? Websites and social media profiles should have content that displays their work and testimonials from previous customers.

Meet the people who will be doing the work for you and see if they seem knowledgeable and trustworthy. There is no reason to trust 5* reviews for a company if meeting the people behind the name isn’t making you comfortable.

Services Offered.

Many signage makers offer multiple services. From logo design to municipal permits to creating and installing, they offer the complete package.

Some companies only manufacture the sign and do not offer installation services. You would need to hire another company for installation, potentially causing delays and increasing costs. Is that ok with you? If not, find someone who will take the entire project off your hands.

Products Offered.

Make sure the company you are talking to can make what you want.

Some signage companies will be able to make any type of sign for your store, while others may be able to make pylons, store-front and rooftop signs, but not channel lights or neon lights.


Let’s face it, every brand has to look at the costing of services they require. If one signage maker in Houston is more expensive than others offering the same or similar products and services, are they worth the extra amount? More importantly, can you afford them?

What sort of reviews has a sign maker gotten online?

You could also ask the company to name some stores they’ve made signage for and go see it for yourself, and maybe even talk to the management about the experience of working with the sign makers.

Experience and Qualification

How long a sign maker has been in business is a good indication of their work. The longer a business has been around, the more experience they will have in signage.

However, there is always the possibility a newly established signage maker is delivering fantastic work and would like you to take a chance on him/her.

In any case, always ensure the company has valid licenses from the city administration.

Delivery Time

How efficient a company is in designing, creating and installing signs is an important selection criterion. You want someone who can do all this quickly and have the relevant contacts within city administration to get the permits required for signage installation.

Fast turnaround time in signage means staying on track to opening date.


Does the company you’re in talks with offer any guarantee on the work they are doing? If not, why not? Most reputable companies in this field to offer the guarantee on the work they do.

Finding the right signage maker in Houston is easy. It’s a big city with a thriving economy. Businesses are popping up all around and they need signage and where is demand, there will definitely by supply, and there are plenty of good options available locally.

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