Jack-o’-lantern, skeletons, and pumpkin are Halloween classics but haven’t they been overdone?  Don’t you think it is the time to step it up for this year’s Halloween with something more original and spookier? Yeah, we also think so. Therefore, we have come up with 10 fun Halloween yard signs ideas that will surely amaze your neighbors and visitors this October. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details. 

Mummy Halloween Signs 

Take a metal rod, paint it black, and put it aside to dry. Now take a wooden square block and drill a hole of the size of the rod on the bottom and also paint it black. After this, take a rectangular scrap piece of wood paint it white and write “Happy Halloween” on it using black or orange color. Let both the pieces dry. 

Now take white cohesive bandage and wrap it around the black wood piece in an irregular manner but leave some blank space in the middle like a rhombus shape and attach 2 big eyeball sticker at the suitable distance on the blank space. Now insert the rod in the bottom hole of the wooden block and attach the white piece at the middle of the rod and its finish. Stand the rod in your yard to welcome Halloween.

Colorful Halloween Yard Signs

Take some scrap wood and cut it down into medium size arrow slats and one long slat, sand them, paint them with different acrylic paints and then use glitter spray. Write whatever you want on them and after the paint is properly dried use pinner or nail gun to attach the arrows to the longer slat.

 Now hot glue eyeball stickers wherever you have used alphabet or similarly hot glue witch hats on the tip of capital A if you have written them. You can add more stickers to give it more character and then stuck it out in your yard.

Witch Hat Yard Sign

For making one of the easiest yard sign, you will need a scrap wood piece, an old broom, and a big black witch hat. Take the scrap wood give it any shape you want then paint it orange and write “Halloween” with black on it and let it dry. Now attach the wood piece to the broom where it is tied using a hot glue gun. Stand it straight in the yard and put the witch hat on it.

Wood Pumpkins 

Another idea to make very simple Halloween sign is to take rectangular wood pieces ranging from 8 to 15 inches long and 4 inches wide. Also, take one inch long and half-inch wide woodblocks. Now carve 2 vertical lines at approximately equal distance on rectangular wood pieces. Dust off the waste. 

Now paint all wooden block and rectangular pieces with brown paint, or you can use brown wood polish and let it dry. Once it is dried, take bright orange acrylic paint and paint the rectangular pieces except for the carved lines, just let them brown. Once everything is dried, hold the rectangle pieces vertically and attach a brown wood block vertically on top middle on each piece with a hot glue gun or any wood adhesive. 

After everything is set, take a green ribbon and tie it like a bow around the brown block where it is attached to an orange rectangle and voila you have created a wooden rectangular pumpkin. Put these around your yard and amaze your visitors.

Skull Yard Sign

In order to make this sign, take a skull from a store if you don’t have at home. Then take a scrap metal or rectangular wood piece paint it lights brown and writes “Danger! Beware” on it with red color and give it blood drops effect. Now take a wood stick to attach the skull on top of it and bellow it attach the rectangular piece and put it in your yard.

Enter At Your Own Risk Sign

Take a big wooden piece almost 2 to 3 feet tall and 1.5 feet wide and paint it black you can also use a blackboard if you have. Now take red color and write “Enter At Your Own Risk!” with blood drops effect and Voila your sign is ready to put in your yard.

Witch Way Yard Sign

Take a metal rod or a wood stick and paint black and orange stripes on it. Attach a dummy crow on top of it. Paint a two-way wooden arrow sign with purple and write “Witch way? Hurry…… they are coming” on it using black paint.

Something Wicked This Way Comes Signs

Take 5 wooden arrow pieces and a long stick. Paint them with black chalk paint. After the paint gets dried write “Something wicked this way comes”; one word on each piece and then attach it to the stick in an irregular manner. Now take a white thread and spread it like spider web strands around the sign and ta-da it is ready to be put in your yard.

Trick And Treat Yard Sign

Cut a square, circle, triangle, and rectangle out of scrap wood paint it with the orange color and write “Tricks, Treats, Smelly-Feet, And Good-Eats”; one word on each of these. Attach these on the wooden dowel or metal rod using a strong adhesive, and there you have a Halloween yard sign.

Turn Back Now Sign

The simplest way to make a yard sign is to take a wooden dowel or stick and three rectangular irregular wooden pieces. Paint all of them in yellow and write “Turn” on one piece and “Back” and “Now” on the other two pieces. Let them dry and after that attach these pieces on the stick, and here you go.


So, here you have it guys, 10 simple and fun Halloween yard signs ideas that will be your exciting projects this October. So, pick the ones you like the best and have fun on your Halloween bash.

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