While some of the signs surrounding us are ordinary, there are definitely those that capture the mood of a place and attention of the viewers. Yes, we are talking about those iconic signs that are famous and known all across the world. So, if you are looking to create memorable signage for your business, take note of these most famous signs around the globe.

So, without further wait, here is the list of our favorite famous signs around the world.

The Hollywood Sign

Probably one of the most recognized and photographed signs in the world, this 9 lettered 30 feet wide, and 43 feet tall sign looms over the world capital of film industry from its perspective point on Mount Lee. Originally reading Hollywoodland, the sign was part of a real estate advertisement starting in 1923 and was only supposed to be up for a year and a half. But its iconic look and association with the burgeoning film industry earned it the landmark status in 1973, and now it stands as an ultimate signifier of a place where dreams come true for people in the business of film and television.

Las Vegas

The list cannot be complete without the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada’ sign. The iconic 7.6 meters tall Googie styled design created by Betty Willis in 1959, is all about bold, bright, and large elements plus the more, the better. Installed at the time when the city was barely just a few hotels and bars on a strip of desert road, the neon lighting sign became immensely popular and became a symbol of the glamorous, fun and exciting gambling capital in an unexpected way.

Penny Lane

Ever thought of a picture-worthy sign? Well, there is one, thanks to the Beatles.  Located in Liverpool, England, it is the street where legends Paul McCartney and John Lennon used to catch the bus into the town and later wrote a song to honor their birthplace. The song was such a hit that people started stealing the original street sign which led to the installation of the brick painted sign. People traveled to Liverpool for just a photo with the sign “Penny Lane,” which is also signed by Paul McCartney.

London Underground

The iconic red and blue London underground station sign is one of the oldest corporate logos. Up since 1908, the sign’s design underwent many changes and finally got its final look in 1984 and has become an integral part of the landscape. Indicating entrances to the London Underground, you will find the red circle with the dark blue central band all across the city and can even purchase your own original from the transport authority.

Moulin Rouge Windmill & Sign, Paris

With the classic windmill and bright, big and shining letters, Moulin Rough truly reflects the “Belle Époque” period during which it was built. Inspired by circus, the extravagant and bold typeface stands out with the seductive, enchanting red color that is lighter than blood, but darker than strawberry. The iconic sign is home of the modern can-can dance and was a meeting point for many of the city’s artists in the early days. Marked by industrial progress, the sign successfully blends in with the revolutionary and modern auditorium and symbolizes class and extravagant shows.

Route 66

Built-in mid-twenties and originally covering almost 4,000 kilometers across the United States, the road from Illinois to California crosses through Missouri, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona. It is the world’s most traveled road and probably the most sung about as well. The route has been mentioned in countless movies, and T.V shows and is a dream of every traveler looking to experience the sense of freedom of being out on the open road.

Today, most of the road is replaced by the Interstate Highway System. However, there are still parts of the original left.

Lands’ End

Located at Cornwall, Britain’s most southwestern point, the Lands’ End signpost has been up since the early 50s and is owned by a local photography company. The iconic sign became famous when tourists began posing beside it before or after the trip from Lands’ End to John O‘Groats, the extreme northern point of mainland Scotland, covering a remarkable distance of 970 km (874 miles).

Visited by thousands of tourists every year, people now have the opportunity to have their hometown momentarily fitted into the signpost for a customized image against it.

Platform 9 ¾

Platform ¾ is one of the most interesting signs because it doesn’t point to anywhere. Located at Kings Cross Station in London, it is a fictitious sign representing the fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter. 

The sign became so popular among the public that authorities had to remove it from its original spot, which was a platform. Today, the sign can be spotted on a brick wall next to a Harry Potter-themed gift shop.

So, here concludes our list of memorable signs that are famous throughout the world for either the sheer quirkiness, aesthetic appeal, or the interesting stories behind them. Take a note from these iconic designs and have a striking sign.  

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