There is a rising wave of entrepreneurs, although, not every one of them has a successful journey. One of the biggest reasons for failing to make your product large is a weak marketing strategy. The competition is high between new business owners and the old ones who are starting to become history. To keep up in the game, it is crucial to have the right kind of brand exposure. Though this doesn’t have to mean that you need a big budget. Small business and big alike can achieve a lot of advertisement through the simple use of creative branding like signage. The lack of this simple method has cost a lot of local business to lose their foot traffic consumers.

Your brand or product is meant to be an experience for your consumers. Whether you are an online or offline front your signage is one of the first things that your costumers notice, so make it right. Signage is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies that will get you a wide return. Here are some ways on how signage can help in the growth or failure of your business.

right design, blog of Unity SignsThe Right Design Goes A Long Way

Signage is a very cost-effective marketing strategy, but it also a creative move. Your storefront sign is part of the visual experience of your business, hence it is essential that is it designed and executed in the right manner. Your retail storefront sign must grab the attention of people walking by on your street or even the people scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But that does not mean you put out the brightest colors and lights, it means that you must capture the essence of your branding into this design. This will help bring in the right customers to your business. A well-designed signage brings in trust and attraction towards a business as it shows that you care for all the details of the consumer experience.

Know your Locality

It is very important to know your audience it. If you are a store then you must know your locality to produce the best design that will attract the people who’d walk past your store. For example, if you are a local business in Houston, then you must know what the people of Texas and specifically Houston would be attracted to. Is it gentle a light graphics or is it loud with bold colors and text? It is vital to understand you are marketing your business at. So, understand Houston, and the people who live in it. Hire a designer who is local and understands the locality to make the job easier.

Word Of Mouthword of mouth, Unity Signs Blog, Creative Signage

After such a delightful visual and later a personal experience at your store, your consumer wouldn’t fail to come back to your store. How you present yourself shows how much the business and its consumer mean to you and this won’t be missed by your visitors. And hence, they are sure to spread the word. This simple and cost-effective marketing strategy give in a lot more profit compared to a TV, radio or billboard advertisement. An advertisement through a friend is more trusted over any other means.

According to a study conducted by the Economic Center, the University of Cincinnati, up to 75% of consumers have told others about a business or store they visited solely based on their respective signage. Your signage is a reflection of the quality of your product and service.

Poor Signage Can Steer Away Consumers

Just simply have a signage out there is not enough. It not only needs to be well designed but needs to be well maintained. As simple as this point may sound it is one of the more ignored ones too. Your signage is not just a marketing strategy to grow your business, but it is also a representation of the essence of your business. For a consumer walking by your street, a dusty sign with maybe broken lights or misspelled words can be a big failure and bring out mistrust towards your brand. As for cost-effective this form of creative branding is, it is still a big part of your marketing strategy and needs all the attention.

The study at the Economic Center, University of Cincinnati, also revealed that over 50% of the local public hasn’t entered a specific store because of poor quality signage. Hence it is not only important to hire a good designer and get on with it, but it is also important to maintain the front.

Creative branding was very much ignored for a long time but has now risen to become one of the most go-to cost-effective ways of representing and marketing one’s brand. The brand exposure gained through this innovative marketing strategy has a much longer lasting and personal touch to it compared to any other form of advertisement. It is vital for business owners to accept creative signage as a form of building sales and to grow in this competitive corporate world. And this is one of the easiest ways to advertise your product and service if you are a local or small business.

If you don’t know where to begin, then first start by understanding what it is you would like to convey to your consumers. And then find references via Pinterest or Instagram of different brands who have successfully used creative branding as a marketing strategy. You can also always hire a designer who can guide you through this process to give you the best results needed to help grow your business. Let your creative juices flow.


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