Nowadays, with how fast social media works, it’s hard to grab people’s attention. No one has time to look up from their phone, let alone read through an advertisement banner and sign boards. But that is precisely why business signage needs to improve.

A lot can be said by adding color, limited words, cool graphics, and social media tags. It’s like conveying multiple unsaid messages through a public signboard.

As cool as that sounds, though, most of our clients wonder how we’re able to build such interactive and fun-looking signs. And we always answer with the following tips:

Useful Information

If you want to create effective signage, make sure you don’t flood it with complicated texts and ideas. Use the power of minimalism to get the job done. Add concise yet interactive text for the passersby to be impressed with.

Moreover, it’s essential to add the name of your business, contact number, website, and other basic information. This way, if a customer is interested, they won’t be left wondering about where to find you.

Call-to-Action Catchphrases

Everyone loves a witty quote. Create a one-liner that represents your brand image and is catchy enough to attract random passersby. Sure, it sounds like a lot of pressure, but as long as you use certain call-to-action words, you’ll be good to go.

For instance, by using ‘buy now,’ ‘call today,’ ‘apply today,’ and other such invigorating words, you’re bound to see a difference in sales and customer revenue.

Aesthetic Theme

Be it children, teenagers, or full-grown adults, everyone is enchanted by vibrant colors, designs, patterns, etc.

In your signage, the graphics you use matter a lot. More than that, it’s the collective aesthetic that is critical. For instance, are you going for a black & white, minimal theme? Or perhaps your business suits more of an elegant, neutral color scheme? Either way, to make your business signage seem aesthetic and to boost your social media presence, don’t overlook the basic design and color factor.

Social Media CalloutsIn today’s day and age, who isn’t on social media? Scrolling through various tags and topics to find something new?

Social media plays a huge role in our lives, especially for business owners. Thus, in order to get your business sign to stand out, make sure you add your social media tags on the bottom. You want your customers to connect to you, no matter where they are, with a few simple swipes.

Strategic Branding

Lastly, your business branding is essential in finalizing the signboard. Whether it’s in the form of a logo, motto, signature color, or even just a specific symbol, it doesn’t matter. All that matter is that it makes you stand out, leading your customers to find their way to you.

What’s The Takeaway?

To sum it up, creating the perfect business signage is a lot of pressure, especially when trying to maintain the latest trends. But as long as you’re staying true to your company’s objective and vision, your signage is bound to turn out amazing.

For more information on the matter, contact Unity Signs at (281) 679-5152. You can also come to visit our office at 16611 W Little York Rd Suite #B, Houston, TX 77084. We’re located right beside La Bakery and Marco’s Pizza.

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