The term architectural signage can be defined as signs that are associated with the structural elements of the architecture. Architectural signage relates to manmade structure and buildings. Although any building can use customized signage, most of these structures are offices, governmental organizations, and campuses. 

 Top Reasons to Choose a Signage Company for Architectural Signage

The purpose of architectural signage is to integrate certain elements which result in aesthetically pleasing signage, representing the building and complementing the décor of the structure. Only a good signage company can provide you with quality and appealing designs that serve their true purpose. And this is where Unitysigns come. Read on to know how UnitySigns can benefit you with architectural signage;

UnitySigns: A One-Stop Solution for All Your Signage Needs

UnitySigns is a dedicated sign board’s construction company that provides quality craftsmanship and unparalleled services at affordable prices with high regard for its clients. UnitySigns delivers perfection in designing, fabrication. installation, general and parking lot maintenance and sign repair.  The company has been providing specialized signage services since 2003 and is primarily known for the innovation and quality it brings to the table.

Their professionalism does not end here, the company takes full responsibilities of their products and offers a warranty of signs in case of any defects.

Design and Develop Signage:

It is important to choose the right professionals to design and develop signage. The design team of the UnitySigns creates iconic architectural signage that in the long run, will be your brand identity. Their team customizes the design according to clients’ needs and business requirements; they are well researched and focused on even the most intricate details ranging from size, materials, colors, to style and placement that will have the brand stand out, bringing it to life.


When it comes to fabrication, the UnitySigns signage company has a well-equipped facility. Professionals from UnitySigns will not only guide you but also help you choose the best suitable materials and provide equipment for your architectural signage which might include one or a combination of these; 

  • Laser engravers
  • Sandblasters
  • Sheers
  • Benders
  • Welding station
  • Paint booths
  • Vinyl screen printing

Proper Installation by Trained Professionals:

Architectural signage has limited life and value if it is not installed properly. The installation team from the UnitySigns ensures that your signage is in compliance with the state laws and fulfills all the requirements, including the safety regulations.


Wall graphics, along with the architectural signage are two elements that will not only build your brand identity but also boost your employee engagement and bring in new customers. There are a variety of solutions provided by the UnitySigns for floor and ceiling; these include; Window graphics, Media displays, Custom wallpaper, Murals, Decals, Wallcovering, and custom wallpaper.

Wayfinding Solutions/Directional Signage:

Before moving on to fabrication, their design team will perform a detailed analysis of the design, especially wayfinding. Wayfinding signage is complex and a little bit challenging. The design should fulfill the expected zoning requirements along with other important considerations such as; lighting on signage, suitable materials for indoor or outdoor signage, language including text, and images on signage. Wayfinding signage includes directional signage, conformational, and informational signage. 

Exterior Signage:

Exterior architectural signage includes illuminated signs, special people signage (handicapped parking/ramp or entrance). The ADA signage is growing largely in the market because the accessibility signage is now mandatory around the globe. UnitySigns is known to provide its clients with various visually pleasing yet clear sign frames and quality materials available in the industry.

In short, it is best to choose UnitySigns for architectural signage because;

  • They know how to work around signs in compliance with ADA.
  • They have the equipment and a team of professionals necessary to design, develop, fabricate, install, and repair the architectural signage.
  • They have professionals who know how the prerequisites to a variety of architectural signage such as; directional signage, Engraving, Etched glass, Braille signage, dimensional signs, regulatory signs, monument signage, and wall graphics.


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