Constructions sites are hubs of activity with people and vehicles moving around and curious passers-by stopping for a look. This is the place to think about how builders can benefit from on-site sign boards.

On-spot advertising

Ever considered an under-construction site as a prime advertising spot? It really is one!

If used properly, the large boards and / or sheets that wrap around the site are usually giving information that a lot of people absorbing subconsciously, stored await until the time they need an architect, a builder or a contractor.

Care should be taken to make sure the material used for this the best. Low grade, outmoded materials used for this can start to look worn and shabby very quickly, giving a bad impression to people, which in turn can make them think the building team isn’t the best.

Go big , get close

On-site signs can be of different types depending on the nature of construction. On an under-construction high-rise, printed building wrap or large letters provide space to announce the project and the builder’s name in large letters which can been seen from afar.

High quality mesh, aluminum frames and reflective aluminum are good options for this.

Alternately, signs placed along the sidewalk are at eye-level and closer to people. They can offer more details about the building team, the project itself and give out contact details.

Wood, vinyl and plastic are good options for signs placed on the ground. Again, modern trends in these materials (backlit, laser cut etc.) make the advertising seem less in-your-face and garish.

garnishde signs are also a good way for builders to let the public know who their client is – is the government, is it a well-known real-estate developer or an upcoming restaurateur? All this goes a long way towards establishing trust and increasing recall.

Show-off their trendy side

Signage is improving with time and builders wanting to make an impression should keep up with the trends.

Smart wooden frames can be used to display the company logo, the architect, builder, and contractor with phone numbers.

LED lights can be out to use at a height or at ground level to broadcast this information after dark too.

UV and layered printing can be used to give information on the project itself, whether it’s a mall or an apartment building, a housing scheme or restaurant. This time of signage can also be used to display the date of completion, price range for potential buyers / tenants. Putting this type of information out works for the construction team because they don’t have unauthorized people wandering around a hazardous site and are not wasting valuable time answering the same questions again and again for different people.

Stay safe

Construction sites are very busy and very dangerous. It is necessary for the builders to have clear signs announcing the dangers, to show where the fire fighting equipment is and to wrap the construction site with sturdy building wrap so passers-by are protected from falling debris. All these are also steps to avoid lawsuits in case of any accident.

For this type of signage, it is important for builders to use the best possible material for available. The signs shouldn’t fade, rip or sag and be weather and rust proof.

How builders can benefit from better on-site sign boards is clear. Better signage means better advertising, better brand recall, and lower risks of legal action.

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