Signs are a simple yet an extremely effective way to increase traffic to your physical store and ongoing offers or promotions. Not only does it increase brand awareness, but attaches a sense of visual appeal and emotion. There have been many researches and studies conducted to affirm that a big, illuminated and graphically well-done sign can attract new customers to your shop. Many studies also suggest that signage reflects the quality of your business and product.

Business signage is a long-term investment that adds value to your business or storefront location through the day and night. This is a physical way to have a great psychological impact. No matter how good your product or service is, no customer will walk in if you don’t have an appealing physical presence. A signage is a virtual handshake between your business and client, starting off the process of sales that carry through people, word of mouth and positive feedback. Let us now discuss the two types of traffic generated through business signage.

Destination Traffic

The most common and easy to attract customers is known as destination traffic. Destination traffic, also referred to as motivated traffic, identifies customers who already want to visit your store, the only thing that they need is a big obvious sign to mark their destination. A good sign hence allows for greater visibility and direction for people who are looking for your shop location.

Impulse Traffic

This type of traffic is to instill a sense of curiosity and visible appeal to attract new customers to look at what you have to offer in store. This can be best achieved through blending the right balance of traditional signage, banners, window banners or custom digital signage.

Signs Can Indicate and Improve…

Business Branding

Signs that bring your values, vision and approach to life through visual graphics, fonts, colors and imagery can positively impact the branding of your company. Many customers have an emotional attachment to the brand and business signage can propel that factor.

Business Promotions

Business is always in the process of evolution. Which is why, apart from the main traditional signage, you can play around movable sign options to display new discounts, promotions and seasonal offers to lure customers in your store. Increased customers can lead to more sales and revenue.

Business Attention

Business signage also serves as a function to enhance visibility. Proper placement of business signs can not only provide a name for your business store but also act as directional agents if you have a bigger and expansive store.

Business Announcements

Whether you have a soft launch, grand opening or exhibition, signs can communicate every sort of announcement related to your business.

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