Planning to start a new business or already running one, one of the most important considerations will be the selection of your business signage. A striking, eye-catching sign can serve your business to stand out from the crowd and shape a strong brand identity.

Commercial business signs advertise your business and give you a professional business image. These signs can generate exposure for your business in ways no other form of marketing or promoting can. A well designed, well-made, and a mounted commercial sign can be your calling card. Commercial signs not only endorse your business identity and image to your target population but to the world. 

Many companies use commercial signage for their business, but most of them don’t know how commercial signs help their business. Both interior and outdoor commercial signage can be fully functional, serving several different purposes. So, here is what good quality commercial signs do for you:

Draw in More Potential Customers

One of the core reasons for people visiting a business is because its commercial sign has caught their attention. According to latest research, nearly eight out of every ten patrons have entered into a place of business because the company signage had tempted them to do so. So, crafting and designing a commercial sign that is custom and upmarket in presentation and design is a sure way to get noticed.

Drive Word of Mouth

Locations that are appropriate for outdoor sign use, such as wall lettering décor, lighted business signs, or custom door plaques help create a lasting memory. Surveys indicate that almost 75% of people who see outdoor commercial signs for business tell others about that specific business, which will widen the marketing efforts of your business without spending a dime.

Inform about Your Business

A good and quality commercial sign to advertise your business and allow the public to know you exist. It informs people about your location, your industry and can also communicate your working hours. 


Build Brand Recognition

Your commercial sign can go a long way in developing brand recognition. The fonts, colors, and design of your business when used consistently in all your signage efforts, help customers to recognize your brand even without having to read the message on the sign.


Constructing Brand Personality

Every astute business owner will want to add personality to the brand, and your commercial signage can assist you in doing this. Use of signage such as lighted business signs for outdoor, blade signs plus interior signs consistently can help in adding and portraying the personality of your business.

Advertising and Marketing Tactic

Commercial signage can play a significant role in the marketing portfolio of your company. Advertising and marketing is necessity of every business and there are several different mediums to do this, however, commercial signage can do both brand recognition (to get the company known) and brand personality (telling the public what the company is about. In addition to this, commercial signs can also deliver information and contain call to actions through the clever use of various types of commercial signs for marketing.


They are Incredibly Cost Effective

The efficient use of your exterior signage and interior signage is far more cost-effective than other forms of advertising and marketing channels. Other common mediums like hard to copy materials such as flyers or print ads, or flyers can be quickly thrown out. Use technology such as T.V, Radio, and internet using various platforms is another practical option, but they can be turned off or changed. 

However, commercial signage has none of these drawbacks. Your commercial signage stays in place and yet can be altered as needed. A commercial sign delivers your message 24/7 all year round.


Commercial Signage is Great for Indoor and Outdoor Placement

An important feature of commercial signs is that you can use them both on and off your premises as well as inside and out of the business location such as:


On Location Commercial Signage: It helps to identify the brand of the business and can be done using flat signs, channel lettering, pylon signage, or light boxes, etc. They also provide information, contain market promotions and create a call to actions using both interior and exterior signage for this purpose and have been shown to bring in great success.


  • Exterior commercial signage used on the business site help produces a better user experience. Signs displaying simple directions such as clearly specifying parking or entrances to the building encourage convenience for customers who are visiting the business. This makes a first good experience and aid in scaling up the level of confidence that clients may have for your business.


  • Interior business signs with numerous choices available put focus on building brand identity and endorsing brand personality as well as displaying new products/ services, promotions, and telling your brand story with the right choices in signage that can be a valuable asset.


Off-Location Commercial Signage: Off location signage for businesses is immensely important, just like the signage located on the business premises because it sanctions a wider spread of advertising. Signage including billboards, car decals, banners, x-stand banners, magnetic business cards, and even yard signs all are commercial signage that can have a dominant impact on your business.

So, commercial signage helps a business in all aspects of advertising, marketing, and brand reinforcement. However, selection of the right company for your signage is mandatory for quality design and production because latest survey shows that above 50% of people replied that poorly designed signage prevented them from entering a business. 

So, make sure you choose a quality company like Unity Signs to fulfill all your commercial signage needs. The company has been providing its expert services for more than a decade with quality that speaks for itself. With so many possibilities available for commercial business signs, the skilled team at Unity Signs will assist you in choosing the right style of commercial sign for your business image.


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