Creating a first good impression is a must in order to attract customers to your business, and that first impression is your business signage. Your outdoor business sign could mean the difference between making people enter your shop or facility and letting then walk past the door.

You are running a small business or a big one, promoting it with signs and banners is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach the highest number of potential customers. However, you will need to know how to choose the right outdoor sign for your business as it will help you make a great first impression by purchasing the business-appropriate sign.

First, Do the Math

Before making any kind of decision, it is essential to invest some time in research. So, look around and see what other business signs have been put up in your area and what kind of ‘feel’ your neighborhood carries? Pay attention to the architectural ambiance of the area, and see if it has any number of old heritage buildings. 

This observation will allow you to determine the feel your area carries and enable you to select your signage approach accordingly. For example, if your area has old vintage buildings, classic, antique and old-styled signs might be more suitable while a modern area might prefer a sleek, cleaner, and newer look. 

Consider the Type of Sign

In the research phase, you will come across different kinds of business signs and will have to consider the individual features and benefits. You can go for ground-mounted signs and building-mounted sign when it comes to outdoor business signage. Furthermore, these signs come in different sizes and shapes.

 So, finding out more about different kinds of sings and the functions they can do for your business in the thing to consider at this stage. You will have to think about what you can do with a particular type of sign to draw people’s attention towards your business.

Right Color Scheme is Imperative for a Business Sign to do its Magic

The color scheme of your business signage forms a definite impression for the potential customers. Most people are visually oriented and appreciate the graphic appeal element. So, selecting your business appropriate and a good color scheme will have a significant impact on how the general public will view your business. However, you will have to choose the right combination of colors.

Different colors evoke different emotions. For example, yellow creates positive, happy feelings, red color is linked to love and energy, pink is associated with feelings of romance, feminism while blue color is connected with calm and trustworthiness. Furthermore, contrasting colors draw audience’s attention while similar colors give a sense of harmony. So, depending on your business nature, you will have to choose the colors that will reflect specific feelings because your outdoor sign will be the first interaction you will have with your, it better be right.

Clean Signage is Always Attractive

Clean signs always attract the eye of your potential customer much faster than mixed up, dirty, faded, or outmoded signage. If the signage appears dirty from the outside, clients, most likely would not dare to venture within. So, keep your design simple, neat and include only those words which convey your message and avoid any extra words that may make your sign look unappealing and dirty.

Include Message that is Right and Concise

According to the latest research, potential customers generally view a sign for only 20 seconds. So, you need your sign to convey a clear, bold and concise message. Stay away from wasting space on obvious attributes or the features that all of your competitors carry. Select 3 to 4 main features or benefits that differentiate your product or service from the competition, and include only those.

And don’t forget that too much information tends to confuse or disorient potential customers. So, your sign should readily attract the eye of a potential client and contain just enough information that can bring people right through your door.

And forget to include a call to action, words like “limited time offer,” “register to save,” and “try a taste,” will make people commit. 

A storefront is the first thing that customers see when they walk up to any business. So, you should know that a sign is more than just an announcement of your existence; it is your silent salesperson. So, make it engaging. Use bright colors, bold images and use social media links to help improve engagement. Always keep these points in your mind to get the perfect outdoor business signs for your business.

And don’t forget to monitor and track results so you can fine-tune future messages.

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