In this era of branding, your business cannot survive without excellent signage. However, the signage varieties out there can easily put you off track. What follows are common questions like, ” which signage should I invest in first?”. While it’s true that your business can benefit from multiple signage, wouldn’t it be wonderful to invest in an all-purpose sign? With that perspective, one signage type comes right from the top of our heads. It’s a lobby sign, and here is how your business can profit from investing in them.

Lobby Sign Is All About Branding:

A big, vibrant, and classic lobby sign featuring your logo is what your business needs. Nevertheless, a simple logo is not enough; why not decorate the wall with your brand ideals and a tagline? This strategy will most likely hit the home run. This is because the sign’s impact will be significant and long-lasting with everything your business stands for in one place. Furthermore, please don’t overlook the opportunity to showcase your lobby sign through social media selfies or use it as a backdrop in your webinars.

Welcomes Your Customers:

Imagine two offices. One is a typical low-key office with a receptionist’s desk basking in the sunlight from the only window in the office. While the other one, although the same size, is a well-lit office with a welcoming receptionist and an even more welcoming lobby sign. Now, where will you take your business? No need to answer, we all know for a fact that you will choose the second one.

Lobby signs essentially emanate trust. Thus, the more professional your lobby sign is, the more trustworthy your business seems. While we are exploring the usage of your brand’s logo as a lobby sign, using them only for logos will be unjust. You can communicate a welcoming message to your guests, advertise guest speakers, or update your customers about new events with lobby signs.

Tell Your Customers What’s Going On:

The essence of a lobby sign is to turn vacant real estate into a marketing avenue – what’s a better use than conveying your business’s special events? Vinyl lobby signs suit this purpose. As they are inexpensive and easy to create, vinyl lobby signs can serve your limited-time use quite well.

Boost Confidence Of Your Employees:

Employees are the lifeblood of any business, and they get their hands dirty so your business can make a profit. While a hardworking employee is always appreciated, an employee can quickly lose their zeal. Nonetheless, a positive work environment will always help you boost their productivity. Hence, cut them some slack because it’s time to invest in lobby signs. A professional-looking lobby sign instills trust and inspires confidence while setting your business’ vibe in the right direction.

In conclusion, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that a lobby sign will serve you well as a multi-purpose sign. It’s a sign that builds trust, welcomes your customer, and inspires confidence. Therefore, it’s a sign worth your investment. However, choosing the right sign is only half of the battle; the other half is choosing a company that can help you manifest your ideas. Unity Signs can serve your signage needs quite well; all you need is to ring us at 281-679-5152 to discuss your signage ideas and needs.

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