We strive to build a sign tailored for your brand, a sign that’s immaculate and impactful. We need to consider several elements in creating such a sign, such as color, 3-D letters, backlighting, text, and font. Therefore, this article will shed some light on the best fonts for your signs, appropriate text layout, and how to choose a font that resonates with your business ideals.

ABC Of Putting Text In Your Signage:

No sign is complete without text or slogans that reveal a bit more about your business. However, too much text in a sign makes it cumbersome and visually appalling. Consequently, you need to determine which text goes on the sign and what you need to leave behind. Once that’s sorted, it’s time to put those words into action. Here is a general rule of thumb: the headline needs to stand out, so it’s better to go for all caps for your headline. For some other text, like a witty slogan, it’s better to use a simple, readable font but go easy on capitals. Furthermore, when you put a sign out there, you want it to be noticeable and catchy. Setting up a vivid color contrast can help you achieve that; the text and the background need to be of contrasting colors for the text to make an impression.

Font And Your Brand Impression:

A professional business like yours needs a simple, modest, and readable font that imparts the correct impression. Like most brands, you need people to trust your expertise; choosing the right font can make or break this feel. Therefore, sans-serif font often makes its way to the billboards because of the minimalistic, elegant, mature, and readable design. While sans-serif font dominates most business sectors, you may feel like it’s not cut for your brand. Looking for something trendy and curvy? Script fonts can provide you with viable options. Unlike sans-serif, script fonts might score low on readability. Script fonts are best for businesses like hairdressers, barbers, or marriage halls.

Best Handpicked Picked Font That Can Help Your Business Stand Out:

Bodoni: Bodoni is a unique serif font with a perfect balance of thin and thick strokes. It makes good use of space available for your message; with every letter distinguishable, you can get your message across easily.

Franklin Gothic: It’s a simple and easy-to-read sans-serif font with narrow letter strokes.

Helvetica: A simple and popular font that suits many business signs, you can use it easily for headlines. It’s pretty standard and overused, so it’s better to look for some other fonts. However, you can lean on Helvetica if you don’t find any other suitable font.

Futura: Another bold sans-serif font with remarkable readability and a touch of elegance. It has a different fanbase altogether.

Monotype Curvosa: We can’t leave a script font out of the list; this font has the proper facing with italic brush strokes. Fonts like these can help your sign stand out.

Do you need to build a perfect sign for your brand? Unity sign can help out in this endeavor. You can ring us at 281-679-5152 for more inquiries and learn more about how we can help.

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