Traditional signage has been used over centuries but with the rise of modernity and technology, we have seen a growing increase of digital signage options. Digital signage has introduced businesses to a whole new realm of possibilities – conveying their services in a more fun and intriguing manner. While traditional signage is meant to remain the same for over years, digital signage can change. In this blog, we will identify some of the advantages and disadvantages of both static and digital signage.

Advantages of Static Signage

  • They are a cost-efficient option in terms of production and installation costs providing a great option for storefront branding or fixed directional signage.
  • There are multiple vendors who deal in creating static signage for various kinds of businesses so it is relatively easily available.
  • Static signage uses different kinds of materials designed to withstand harsh weathers making them a suitable option for outdoors.
  • They are easy to maintain. A quick towel dry is needed to remove dust or minimal electrical fixes for making sure the signage is properly lit.

Disadvantages of Static Signage

  • There can be limited information displayed onto static signage posing a challenge for businesses to make changes in the future.
  • They don’t offer an engaging customer viewing or experience and lose traction over time.
  • They can be easily overshadowed by new static designs or digital ones.

Advantages of Digital Signage

  • Using digital displays to convey a message offers a viewing brand experience for customers and even passerbyers.
  • It provides flexibility to businesses to change and update information with time.
  • It does not limit you on how much information is displayed. You can use slideshow and other ways to display more information.
  • It is managed through a dedicated softwares which makes it easier for businesses to schedule their displayed content.
  • Consumer psychology confirms that digital signs can improve overall customer engagement.

Disadvantages of Digital Signage

  • They have a higher overall cost in terms of purchase, installation and upkeep.
  • Digital signage consumes electrical power to operate which directly results in increased energy consumption. However, we are now seeing more energy efficient options in this regard.
  • Bright outdoors can affect the visibility of digital signage. However, relevant display settings and high quality displays can help overcome this issue.
  • They need proper internet connectivity and the right softwares to operate at best.

Static Or Digital Signage: Choosing The Right Option For Your Business

While both signage options are used extensively in the business arena as they offer unique and distinctive communicative properties, you must choose the best that resonates with you. Here are some things to consider before choosing the right signage for your business:

  • Consider your needs and approach
  • What is your budget
  • Who is your target audience

Both these signage options are great depending on your needs and interests. There can’t be one best option, rather a blend of these two can work great for a comprehensive business and brand visibility.

In Conclusion

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