A well-designed signage is a marketing strategy to advertise your business and increase its sales in the most cost-effective and creative manner. An outdoor signage works if you are an independent store, but what if you are an office in a business park amongst many more? This is where lobby signs prove to be a creative solution to help promote your business and imprint a long-lasting impression on your consumers. Lobby signs are one of the first key elements that are noticed by your customers as they use it to identify your brand.

But how does it help promote your business?

The First Impression Goes A Long Way

Your lobby sign acts as a first impression of your brand or company to your customers. This business sign is a face to your brand and is a sign of welcome to your consumers into your company.

A carefully designed lobby sign shows the professionalism you are ready to commit to. It becomes a beacon of assurance to your client and helps them trust your service and remember you better on a long-term basis. All this comes to play when they are recommending your brand to their friends and family.

Your Lobby Sign Is Your Image

The design of your lobby sign represents your brand or company on a visual aspect. You can use lobby signage as a tool to control the way you want to be seen by the public and most importantly by your consumers.

For example, you might want to use neon lights if you are making a signage for bar-restaurant. As the atmosphere is usually dim-lit in such establishments a lit-up lobby sign makes a bold impression. This can help increase your sales, as a strong impression makes your customers come back and suggest your service to their friends. Therefore, your lobby sign will self-advertise and will prove to be a wise investment.

Will Keep You Memorable

A lobby sign that is creatively simple and clear will be well remembered by the customers and make it easier for them to spot you when they revisit. And if they are visiting your business for the first time after finding you online, then finding you in a crowd would make it easier for them. A smooth journey as such will keep you memorable for the future and make your consumers conveniently recommend you to their friends and family.


Your lobby signage can take your interior and business a level up by displaying a visual image of what your brand or company stands for. They inform your consumer about your level of commitment as you show you are ready to pay attention to the details of their experience. You can convey your message through the right selection of materials, typography, colors, lighting and more. It is always best to consult a professional sign maker in your locality to help you decide the best course of action.


Sign makers like Unity Signs will be there with you throughout the journey from concept to installation. Professional sign makers would help you decide whether it is better for you to back or front lit your lobby sign or is it better to use neon wire lettering or neither.  They will help you plot out whether it is aluminum or brass or copper that will best represent you. The designers will help you decide which typography or color would be the best course of action. All these decisions are key to producing a lobby sign that will enhance your customer’s experience and make it memorable.



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