A shop front sign is a primary call for customers to have a look inside. Not only does it play a role in attracting people in the shop, it gives a sense of visibility to any business among the many competitors prevailing in the market. With the growing shopping, retail and other store types, we also see a vast variety of business signage in Houston TX that offer both visual, factual and aesthetic appeal.

Have you ever wondered what might be the cost of signs that we normally see on our ways, or those which entice us to visit their shops? A business signage in Houston TX may cost around $500-$3000 depending on a variety of factors. Listed below are some of them.


Storefront signs may cost a little higher if you go for illuminated signs that light up. Its cost is caused to rise due to additional light and electrical components. Due to this technical nature, illuminated signs need to be installed a certain way which causes its price to go higher than others.

Sign Size

It is quite practical to expect varying prices of storefront signs depending on their sizes. Signs that are bigger in size will generally cost more than smaller ones. They use more material and require more labor to install which collectively impacts the final cost.

Materials Used

There are endless possibilities of materials you can choose from, each having its own primary cost. Different materials like metal, wood, aluminum, vinyl and plastic are some of the many available options to choose from that match both your vision and budget!


Complex signs that require a higher level of expertise ought to have higher labor installation costs in comparison to ones that are easier to install and make use of.

Signs You Can Choose From – Price POV

Given are three examples of the most common business signage options that we usually see across Houston TX!

3D Sign Letters – Giving your entryway a 3D look, this option is a common choice among business owners. Prices can vary up to $800 till $2000 depending on the factors discussed above including any additional customization requirements.

Shop Sign Light Box – Allowing for an all encompassing, an aluminum frame can fit as a sign board and is illuminated through multiple LED bulbs rather than independent letters. The color of the frame and panel is open to customization. Prices for this signage can range from $1000 or higher.

Illuminated Signs – Without having to resort to a light box, an illuminated sign gives a more cleaner and modern look. LED’s within the tube are mounted beneath the sign that shine across the sign. Prices for this type of business signage starts from $500 and above.


Whether you are looking for a simpler storefront sign or a more elaborate one, Unity Signs is here to cater to all your requirements with proven expertise and attention to detail. We deliver prompt business signage services from installing, replacing or repairing – progressively delivering best results all across Houston TX. Call us to discuss further details (281) 679-5152.

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