What is the sole purpose of a business? To sell, right? Now, to do that, companies and businesses use the latest technology and marketing techniques to encourage people to buy their services and products. 

In this era of modern technology, the way customers shop is transformed. The retailers and shop keepers have plenty of opportunities to increase sales when a customer visits the store. You have internet ads that advertise your products on even mobile devices. However, when it comes to impulse buying, the good old storefront signs still win the bet.

Impulse purchase decisions are made inside or outside the store due to a stimulus. A study by Marketing Support Inc. and Leo J. Shapiro and Associates revealed that around one-third of customers every week make an impulse purchase with a median price tag of $30. Another study conducted by A.T. Kearney supports the findings and concludes that when consumers visit a store for the purpose of shopping, he usually spends 40% more than he had originally planned. This ratio is higher in women.

Storefront signs contribute heavily to the effort. Want to know how? Well, then keep on reading.

Storefront signs and impulse buying:

There are a plethora of characteristics of storefront signs and in a store atmosphere that can increase impulse buying. Consumers can be lured to do impulse buying are triggered through 

  • Signage (category, promotional, point of sale) 
  • Feature areas (window display, promotional area, and entrance) 
  • Visual merchandising 
  • Store atmosphere (lighting, color, music, scent) 

Out of all these, storefront signs and in-store signs play the most important role. Here is how;


Capture More Traffic to the shop


Not every passing person is the client of a store. There are many potential customers  who are randomly walking or driving past the storefront but have no plans of coming inside and making a purchase. Now in a competitive market, it is important for a business to attract these customers. But how can a business do it? 

A business definitely needs a storefront sign that captures the attention of those random yet potential customers and promotes the brand and impulse buying. The storefront bright colored signs tell the customers that the new collection is in or sale is on and encourages them to make a purchase before the collection is gone or the promotions end. So, a business can increase impulse buying with the right kind of storefront sings.


Color Psychology Works Like A Charm


Colors have different meanings and are capable of casting certain influences over the viewers if used appropriately. For example, you would see that the sales and promotion signs are usually of red color. It is due to the sense of urgency that the color promotes and the energy it brings. 

Therefore, stores focus on using red colored storefront signs with the bright colored letter in sales season to not only attract the customers to enter the shop but also buy those things which were not on the list.  

What You Need To Know When Purchasing Storefront Sign 

There are a plethora of storefront signs that a business can choose from. However, businesses should not forget to consider these four important factors when selecting an effective sign. 

  • First is to consider the type that best defines the brand and its purpose of being meaning it must go well with your business field.
  • The second thing is to consider what you want it to say, meaning do you want it to be a simple storefront sign to say your business name or about the new collection that is launching or the sales.
  • Storefront signs perform best when they are in bright colors, making them more visible so people can spot them, feel inclined to enter the store and make a purchase even if they do not need it.
  • The most important of all is that the message should be clear so that the size, color, brightness, and material use can all pay off.

A good tip for motivating impulse buying is to use indoor signs that carry the theme of storefront signs because once your customer steps into the premises of a shop or business, they can’t see the storefront sign anymore. So the indoor signs should be supported by the exterior promotional sign in order to keep the effect strong.


Storefront signs are crucial because they capture the attention of the random people passing by the business or store and catalyze impulse buying. Therefore, they must be designed properly, include a clear message to inform the people about the sales and promotions, and must follow the right color psychology to make the right impact.


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