Even in this era of technological advancements, a signboard with the right color, content, and design can still be an excellent marketing strategy. Colour has an instant impact on our subconscious judgment. Every color has a different feel and a unique impression. It is essential to choose the right set of colors while designing a signboard.

Summer is a season of freshness, blooming flowers, and cool colors. So, choosing the typical combination of Blue and Green just because it has a crisp and refreshing impact will not be enough to attract customers during summers. You will need bright and fun colors to make your signage summer oriented.

A Summer Lesson From the Experts:

Many believe that summer colors should be relaxed and light in shades. Let me tell you guys; it is not the reality. Bright colors leave more lasting impact than the dull tones; the key is to use them carefully with the right balance of other colors, text, contrast, and design. Experts at UnitySigns have been making your summer signboards business fun and cool for 16 years with perfection in designing, materials, fabrication of all types of signs and installation. And to make your signboard experience exciting this summer, we have some great combination and pro tips.

Let’s dig deep into colors that are preferred during summer, along with other factors that need to be considered while deciding your summer color palette.

Colors That Represent Summer

The best way to get ideas for your color palette is through natural surroundings. Beach, sea waves, a sunny sky, rain forest, or even deep-sea diving can be a theme. There are endless possibilities of colors in nature that you can sync with.

Once you’ve decided upon a theme, experiment with a variety of shades and combinations, get creative! Some of our favorite summer color combinations are:

Lime with grey:

Tints and shade of lime balanced out with a neutral color (grey) is a very refreshing choice for summers when used in the right ratio.

Beachy Waves:

Sand gold with shades of blue has a very serene impact during summers.

A very Berry Ice cream:

Who doesn’t love ice cream in the scorching heat? Pink in combination with white, blue, and waffle can be very eye-catching when paired up with the right shade.  

Blue: It signifies loyalty, calmness, trust, and when it comes to summer signage, it can be a great choice as it is a cool color but also a bright and fun one.

Green: This color signifies freshness, nature, and tranquillity, but shades of green are not used quite a lot in the signage business. So, try the nature-friendly shades of green and be unique this summer.

Purple: It has a very majestic and royal impact. Purple suggests luxury and can leave a lasting effect if paired with the right shades and text size.

Yellow: It is a pleasing color which is always famous in summers as it brings out feelings of joy and warmth. A combination of yellow with blue, black, and white can be a perfect candidate for stylish summer signage.

White: The color of purity, wisdom, clarity, and innocence that never gets old or boring. However, a white signboard is not going to cut the chase. So if you wish to use white, the key is to make it exciting by incorporating different fun shades to make it summary.

Tips to Use the Colors Correctly:

It is generally considered that a white or black backdrop is ideal for any signboard, well that’s not true, consider these factors in order to determine the most relevant and visually pleasing summer colors for your signboard:

  • Understand and accordingly implement the psychology of colors.
  • Calculate the light reflectance of the colors.
  • Pair the color with the right contrast for visual clarity.
  • Choose the right typeface, preferably medium weight.

Using the right color combination plays a significant role in the influence of a sign on its customers. It is because our eyes perceive the colors first, and about 80% of the brand recognition is done with the colors. Thus, using fresh and earthy tones will add life to your signboards while a wrong choice of hues, value, or saturation can lead to a signboard failure. Contrary to this, the right choice of colors will improve the visibility, focus, and comprehension of the signboard. This, in turn, will increase your brand recognition and clientele.

And for the perfect size, scaling, design, quality materials, and bright signage ideas, professionals at Unity Signs are available offering their expert services, innovative methodologies, excellent services, and high quality in every aspect of the business. So, work with Unity Signs this summer and have the perfect signage that represents the true essence of summer with fresh and cool colors.

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