Whether a store is exclusively selling children’s products or a large store with a children’s section, signage for kids’ products needs to be the one that attracts the intended customers.

Having products that cater to children means having signage that is bright, cheery and big!

Big or small, stores that cater exclusively to children have some things in common with their signage, whether it is indoor or outdoor.

The letters are painted in primary colors

The signage for children’s products is primarily red, yellow, green and blue.

Prime examples of these are the big toy stores. Hamley’s, FAO Schwarz, Lego, and the now-closed Toys R Us all have signage that attracts children with their choice of color.

In fact, brand recall amongst young children can be judged by toddlers getting excited when they see the colors of the shop signage. The color branding serves many purposes. Apart from being visible from a distance, the color itself acts a recall for toddlers who can’t read but definitely know where the toys are!

Their size matters

Large letters make for easy reading. Considering the main customers of toy stores are young children who are early readers and harried parents rushing from one place to another, there is a definite need for large sized signage that is eye catching. However, the size should be small enough to be readable while a harried parent is passing-by and large enough to be visible from a distance.

They show, don’t tell

Signage for children’s products needs to be geared towards young children who are easily distracted, aren’t fluent readers and understand images better than text.

An iconic logo or an image of the latest craze in toys goes a long way in showing the intended audience just what lies in wait for them – fun, fun and more fun!

They move with the times

Incorporating digital signage has become a must in today’s world where everyone, especially the children are hardwired to respond to visual stimuli provided on screens.

Digital screens are much better at showing what’s in stock. Fast moving images projected in one place means customers don’t miss out on the latest or featured products.

Where outdoor signage doesn’t have the functionality to advertise products, placing multiple printed materials within the store does nothing but clutter the space and distract customers to the point that sometimes no purchase is made.

On the other hand, a single screen continuously changing to showcase different products and offers works extremely well. If the screen is touch sensitive and interactive, that’s all the better!

There is a reason why multiple studies have shown digital signage has a recall of 83% and brands looking to design signage for kids’ products should definitely consider it. The fact that this type of signage is cost effective and Eco-friendly only increases the attractiveness.

They keep it short and informal

Signage for children’s stores and products is short and concise. Long names and messages are of no interest to young children who may not be able to read or even pronounce the name.

Similarly, formal names and worlds have no place in a signboard aimed at children.

In the case of signage for children’s products, short is definitely sweet.

Children are bright, curious creatures that are interested in colors, lights and music. Any signage offering them at least one of these will definitely pique their interest and get them in the door.

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