Your logo is your first visual impact, and it is vital to make it the best. One of the most basic ways to do so is to acquire the best color combination for your logo design. More than aesthetics, it is important that you choose logo colors that sell. Your color palette not only represents your brand aesthetics but also must grab the attention of the right audience pool.

Companies have been using visual representation to convey their message to their audience since the beginning of advertising. Before we began advertising on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards or online, we used word-of-mouth as a manner of advertisement. Even after all the technological development, word-of-mouth still is the most major stream of advertisement.

But in today’s fast-changing trends, how is it that you can choose a color scheme that will be timeless? The key is to know color psychology.

What Is Color Psychology?

Every color in the giant color scheme has a meaning. That is, each color has a way to stimulate an emotion within us. One of the most common color we are aware of is red. Red has a way to imply passion, energy, anger or aggression. But being a warm color has been found to stimulate appetite; hence, there are many restaurants that tend to use red to grab the attention of the hungry or awaken hunger.

Another one that is commonly known of is how black can represent sophistication and power. Whereas there are some colors that have been socially seen in certain ways, for example, pink is mostly associated as feminine and hence are used mainly by companies promoting female products.

Every color has something to say and you can use them to help convey your brand. But it is still key to get the right color combination for your logo, you can’t just smack on colors that represent you.

What Are The Best Color Combinations For Your Logo Design?

Once you have selected your colors for your logo based on color psychology, it is important to know how to bring them together in an eye-pleasing manner. Singular or monochromatic combinations are what have been known to help the most. That is, pick one key color and work around its shades and tints.

But it is known that combinations of multiple colors have also worked in the past, for example, eBay, Google, and Microsoft are the three big names that have made a multi-color logo design work for them. The reason why it worked for them is that they are attending to a diverse type of audience instead of a specific audience pool. Hence, it is important to know your audience pool.

Who Is Your Audience?

Once you know what your audience pool is, it is still important to understand the people in your audience pool. Your logo design needs to appeal to your audience. Where is your audience from? Are they global or local? For example, if you are appealing to a city like Houston then you must know what kind of color schemes attract them the most. One of the easiest ways to find this is out is by conducting a survey or by observing the clothing that the people of Houston are wearing. Is it more earthy or pastel or bright tones?


They key to finding the best logo color combination in 2018 is to understand the people of 2018. And if all this seems too much then you can always hire a designer who you think would understand your audience.


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