When you think of a hospital, you probably imagine a neat and clean place that is the epitome of organization — which is true. Hospitals are known for their hygienic atmosphere. You also probably see lots of signs directing you to different rooms and laboratories. But did you know that besides basic placards, there are multiple ways signage can be used in a hospital environment? To find out just how business signs can be incorporated into hospitals, carry on reading this blog.

How Can Signage Be Used in Hospitals?

Signage has many uses. From directional to informational to safety and caution, there are multiple ways it can be utilized. However, depending on the purpose of the signs, hospitals might need to adjust them according to their bustling environment. Here are some unique ways to multi-purpose and use signage:

  1. Event Banners
    Often, hospitals have pop-up events to spread awareness and offer medical testing for all. Events like blood donation camps, blood pressure screenings, glucose testing, etc., can all be advertised through banners and vinyl poster stands since they are temporary.
  2. Informational Screens
    While free pamphlets and brochures are a great way to engage patients in a hospital, there is nothing that beats an informational screen. It’s a technological hub of information and important data that patients can read up on as they wait for their appointments.
  3. Lobby Wayfinding Signs
    One of the most common signage in a hospital is wayfinding signs. Whether they’re hanging from the ceiling, guiding the patients and hospital staff, or they’re plastered on the wall, wayfinding signs are key to moving foot traffic in a hospital.
  4. Motivational Posters
    Every hospital has posters that are welcoming and motivational. Be it introducing the hospital or detailing a disease, posters and wall signs are great for getting the message across through an affordable signage option.
  5. Parking Lot Signage
    Hospital parking lots almost always have directional signs littered throughout the area. They help visitors, as well as staff, identify which building to enter and what parking spots are reserved for fellow patients, among other instructions.

Long Story Short

All in all, business signs have a variety of uses, no matter the purpose. For hospital-centered environments as well, signage can be utilized in many ways, be it inside the hallways or outside the parking lot. Nevertheless, to design your own custom batch of signage, contact Unity Signs today.

Our professionals will guide you on which sign works best for your business and how you can add information to attract more people. Feel free to reach out to us by dialing (281) 679-5152 or visit us directly at 16611 W Little York Rd Suite #B, Houston, TX 77084, United States.

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