How Typography Affects Advertisement?

Words tell thousands of stories, but the way they are represented, it paints a picture in a dimension even more vivid. This is precisely what typography does to an advertisement.

Good advertisement encompasses not only the right message but also the way the word has been illustrated. According to a research, graphics play an integral role in making the advertisement successful. Details like typography affect advertisement on a massive scale. These execution elements for advertisement are of paramount importance as they are necessary to meet the customers’ demands on the right scales.

Importance of Typography for Advertisement

Especially in the print media and internet, typography is considered as a crucial factor in influencing the potential customers’ ability to interpret a certain advertisement. In addition to that, many typographic features involve high individual interaction on a psychological level. Good typography creates a sense of recognition, and harmony and imparts a hierarchy of information so you have control over what the audience will read first and last in your advertisement. This distribution will allow you to maneuver your text advertisement the way you want and make it more substantial.      

For platforms where text either makes or breaks the deal, typography is the first impression, and probably the most influential one.                              

Different Size/Fonts

For instance, strong, bold, and heavy fonts depict the importance of the phrase or word. You will see a poster or sign board with nothing but a word written in a strong font, and you will be automatically knowing the essence of a certain advertisement.

Font versatility varies according to the context of the advertisement. People are more likely to see the meaning of a message revolving around creativity if it has an uncommon and artsy font. The traditional Times New Roman or Georgia gives out a formal vibe when it comes to an online advertisement.

Same goes for the size. Larger, more heightened dimensions manifest innovation and lay emphasis on a subject, while smaller fonts catch details relevant to the topic. Many companies use personalized and unique font patterns for their advertisements to instill a recognizable font as a psychological tactic to attract customers.

Depends on Banners Design

Any typography display you opt will add or subtract from the value of your advertisement. Whether it is dimension relevancy, background check or font size, it depends on the banner design and size to adjust the typography. For example, if the banner is small, you should go with medium sized fonts and not too small or large because smaller font sizes will make the banner appear more insignificant and give a messy look. However, you can get creative with big banner sizes, but still, too big or small fonts are not recommended.

Character, Height, and Combination of Colors

Color and their combinations are vital to add emotion, drama, and personality to the printed word. Combined with the right height, it ultimately makes the advertisement more visually appealing. Like bolded text, colors also emphasize essential points. However, too much color can be off-putting and compromises an ad’s credibility as disjointed color choices leave a poor impression while well-adjusted height and accurate combination of colors result in sharp display.

Easily Readable for Audience

As text exists to be read, therefore it must be easily readable. It must be made sure it contrasts enough with the background to achieve readability. Strategic typography makes the reading process effortless and creates interest in the advertised product or service.

Hierarchy is vital because it helps to organize and rank the information offered and guides the reader attention by arranging the headlines, sub-headlines, and body of the script in different font sizes. With this strategy, each part remains easily distinct and permits the consumers to process information faster. Reading process must be as effortless as possible.

Better Display

Typography directly affects the appealing power of the advertisement and make the display better. There are many points to be considered and letter spacing in one of them. Letter spacing is an important matter for legibility purposes and plays an essential role in making the display appealing. If your text is too clustered or if the spacing between letters is too far apart, the word acknowledgment becomes considerably tricky and results in higher bounce rates. Negative or white space is also significant as it helps to focus attention on the text.

Diverse, genuine, and readable, interesting typography with a balance between aesthetics and emotions and ensure a display that will rightly attract the audience.

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