The foremost goal of every business is more customers as it is directly related to more money, which is the ultimate goal. 

Every business works to attract more customers. So when you are trying to attract more customers, you must start with your business location appearance. 

Outdoor signs are the best way to make new customers and clients learn about your business. With an eye-catching and effective brand building outdoor signage that has all the elements of your brand, e.g., brand name, logo, brand color and fonts, etc. There are tons of styles of outdoor signage that fulfill different purposes and suit different businesses, and one of them is monument signs.


Introduction to Monument Signs

The type of outdoor sign that works best for every kind of business is Monument signs. It is a freestanding sign that is low to the ground. According to the Sign Research Foundation, companies see an average sales increase of 10% when a monument sign is installed. Because they advertise business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and reach to more people than radio or newspaper ads.

A monument sign gives clear visibility to pedestrians and motorists that are passing by. A study states that 54 % of consumers have failed to find a business due to poor or no signage. So installing a monument sign close to the roadway and sidewalk is the best option as they are large enough to be easily noticed from a distance.

One of the psychological customer behavior linked with monument signs, related to getting more customers for business is when people see a business that has a monument sign they consider it a well-established company that intends to stay long term, which as a result get business more clients. 

As the monument signs can endure the outdoor elements and are long-lasting, weather-resistant needs low maintenance, and considering the above factors, they could be a win-win option for the businesses.

Whether your business is hard to find or it is located back off the street or anywhere else. Installing a monument sign will introduce new customers to your business. It also lets them know that they are at the right location.  

Monument signs combine architectural design with graphic design that businesses can use to make them stand out so that people will remember them, and whenever they want product or service similar to what you deal with, your business name pops into their mind.

 Sum up:

Monument sign is the first identification that a supplier, customer, or an employee to be, will see when they come to your business site. They are an excellent way to connect with the community because these signs not only help visitors find your business location; they also send a message about your brand to everyone who passes by, and people will use them to provide/ get direction to your place and the other places around, so you also get to market your business location through words of mouth of these people. 

Investing in them is a cost-effective marketing method to help boost your brand recognition and sales as they will get your business hundreds of thousands of impressions per year, depending on how many people pass by your storefront. 


Looking for a Signage Company for Designing and Installing Quality Monument Signs?

A sign, whether monument or else, is not effective if it is not designed adequately with quality materials and proper installation. So, it is must for your business to hire a company that knows what is doing. Unity Signs is a company that has expertise in all fields of signage including, designing, fabrication of all types of signs and installation along with general and parking lot maintenance and sign repair.

Since its inception, the company has produced countless monument signs for businesses small and big. Unity Signs team consists of sign professionals, project managers, technicians, and skilled artisans, designers, and engineers. The company has a 5200 square foot manufacturing facility located in Houston, Texas, with boom-lifts and crane trucks to handle a project of any size within the state of Texas. The company is not only known for its quality, eye-catching designs and innovations that it brings to the table but also for their professionalism and accountability. The company offers a warranty of its signs in case of any imperfections and has high regard for its customers.

Unity Signs is a one-stop solution shop for all your signage needs and ensures prompt customer service, timely delivery, and swift installation schedule with affordable pricing on production of any size. You can opt for personal, online and in-shop services and can get a free quote regarding any project of yours upon merely giving them a call. So, contact Unity Signs now and get your eye-catching, professionally made, and quality monument sign to increase your business value.

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