When walking down a street, you catch sight of a store sign that stands out more than others – it’s clear, sets itself apart from the signs around it and stays in your mind long after you’ve passed it. Illuminated channel letters have the tendency to do that – grab and hold customer attention and increase brand recall.

What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are 3D signs made of aluminum or plastic and fixed to a base that is placed on a rooftop or along a wall. These letters can be lit with LED lights. Depending on every business’ requirements, these letters can be made more prominent with the help of back and front lighting and halo or open face illumination.

Channel letters are 3D and stand out from their base and mark a store’s presence clearly.

Why Opt For Channel Letters?

High visibility

All 3D signage especially illuminated channel lights create high visibility for business locations. Made of durable aluminum and plastic, these letters are a one-time investment that yields good returns. If fitted with LED lights, they use lesser energy than standard bulbs or neon signs.

24/7 Advertising

Illuminated channel letters mark a business’ presence long after it is dark and the business day is over.

Increase Brand Recall

In today’s mad world with prospective customers going from point A to B in a hurry, there is a window of just a few seconds to grab attention. Businesses having illuminated channel letters that stand out from others in the same area will always be at an advantage – their customers will be noticing them subconsciously while passing by, increasing brand recall at a moment when the customers is looking for the product or services offered by the brand.

Highly Customizable

Using channel letters in signage gives great flexibility in choosing colors, fonts and styles making it easy for business owners to find the right fit for their branding needs.

They can also be mounted in different ways, making it easy to work around space, building restrictions and other such hurdles.

No Fuss

Channel letters need very little maintenance and don’t need to be replaced frequently. Their durability is tested with the changes in weather and they stand tall every time.

Indoor / Outdoor

Channel letters are an effective branding and advertising medium, whether they are used outdoors as store-front signs or placed indoors.

Ross-Industry Use

The use of channel letters is not restricted to businesses on the high street or on tall buildings. This type of signage is a perfect match for branding in the health, education, corporate, automobile, financial and food industries among many others.

Increased Sales:

Many studies have confirmed that high-visibility signage has the potential to increase revenue in the retail business by 7.7% and that 50% of first-time customers are lured into a store by attractive signage.

Wisely placed, well-designed channel letters are effective marketing tools that continue spreading the message long after paid advertising is over. While the initial cost of designing, manufacturing and fitting illuminated channel letters may be more than any other type of signage, this cost is worth it considering the long life of the signage as well the increased brand awareness and footfall that they bring.


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