A business’ signage is an integral part if its marketing strategy and as such, there is proof that there is a positive impact of signboards on business growth.

The signs are there for more than just announcing the physical presence of a business. They set one brand apart from others in the same area, they are a one-time investment and are communication channels that are at work 24/7.

Recent studies conducted across the USA have brought to front the positive impact of signboards for businesses which justify any cost involved in putting up the said signboard!

Signboards as beacons

Signboards act as beacons to people looking for a particular business and 68% of people surveyed said the sign played a role in locating the business. If half of these people made a purchase in the store they found easily because of the signboard, that’s a 34% increase in sales!

Signboards as salespersons

Signboards announce the name and USP of a business. If a sign is backlit, it’s selling the brand even when the store is closed! 27% of pedestrians and drivers said they visited a store due to brand recall.

Concise information provided on signage can lure customers in the door to learn more and potentially make a sale.

Signboards as advertising

Ever notice those innocent A-frame signboards outside a quaint café? So do an amazing 54% of passersby who purchase from the business on impulse! This is a brilliant option for small businesses that don’t have a marketing budget yet are popular with customers. Handwritten specials on a chalkboard are cheap but brilliant advertising!

Signboards gone digital

Digital signboards are a win-win for businesses. They are perfect for the type of buyers who like visual cues as the images are high quality and they change frequently. Plus, they’re a one-time cost for the business which pays back much quicker than static signboards.  

More and more businesses are opting to digitalize their signage for good reason. Stores have reported 5% increase in weekly sales when they update their signage regularly and 29% Americans say they have made purchase decisions based on what they saw on a signboard.

Signboards as profitable city guides

There aren’t many who can resist the lure of a tall pole sign installed by a fast food joint and researchers say just one extra sign at all these outlets can increase business revenue by $132 million just in Los Angeles!

Signboards as brand ambassadors

Brands are identified by their name, logo and colors. If business signage is consistent and installed using high-quality materials, it acts as a brand ambassador calling people to trust the brand for high-quality. Research shows people do not trust brands that have shoddy signage where some letters may be backlit and others not, where the vinyl may be peeling off or where the sign is too cluttered for a passerby to make sense of what the business is offering.

Installing new, updated signage has a positive effect on the bottom line of a business as

consumers tell us they like large signboards with clear content, legible information and aesthetically pleasing architectural integration.

34% of Americans relate brand signage to brand and product quality. This means the impact of signboards on business growth is undeniable – the better the signage, the better the impression and earnings of the business.

Unity Signs has been in the business of helping brands with signage for more than 15 years. Our experience has led us to believe firmly that one single vendor offering design, fabrication, engineering, installation and maintenance service is what works best for the customer in terms of time and money saved and work delivered on-schedule.

If you are in the Houston area and need signage for your business, give our team a call, and we’ll use all our experience and ideas in creating signage that will help your business grow.

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