Way findingWalking or driving down a lane or a road in your city, you must have come across different kinds of directional signs. These are also called way finding signs. Not only in streets, but these signs are also found in large buildings and complexes such as malls, gardens, and hospitals, etc.


What Are Way Finding Signs And Their Main Purpose? 

Way finding signs are kind of signs that give direction to the people.  The main purpose of them is to help a visitor find his way to their destination without lengthy explanations or complicated maps. 

Way finding consists of different types of signage. It includes directional signs that point the way to different locations. 

Where Can You See A Way Finding Sign?

 These can be simple or complex and usually appear at junctions or along a route to lead the way to a particular place.  The wayfinding signs are of great help for the people walking and in vehicles, but its importance for the older adults is the major highlight.

 With aging, there is a decreased cognitive and physical capacity for older people, but that doesn’t mean the older people should be confined to their homes.  It is very natural that the elderly population of any state wants to move around their communities and drive too, so these ways finding signs are important indeed. 

There is an increasing demand for community environments that support way finding signs for the older people as it supports the mobility and community engagement for the older people. 

An older adult often gets affected by the problem of Dementia, a condition of memory loss, confusion, sensory impairment, and poor eye-sight, and the way finding signs help them find their destination with comfort.

Want to know how? Let’s read below;

They Give Directions

Older people are usually bad with memory, so it is not surprising that they very often forget the way to their destinations. They do not recall the street numbers, the street names, or at times they also forget where they were heading in actual. 

A way finding sign directs them, without any confusion. For example, a way finding sign gives the direction for a hospital, a school, a grocery store or a shopping mall, a public library, or to many other places that are visited the most often by elderly people.

It is especially true when these people are going to visit a place for the first time. And not only these help to reach a place but also ease the journey back as they can serve as symbols for people to track.

They Create A Sense Of Space

Way finding signs give answers to the following questions that might come in the minds of an adult, especially the aged people. It answers, 

  • Where am I?” 
  • How do I get there?
  • Where should I go now?
  • Where to take a turn?

So, these signs create a map in the minds of the user for comfortable access.

They Won’t Let You Get Lost.

Many elder lies face this issue. They forget the right path to follow in the middle of their journey. However, with help form way finding signs, people can easily reach the destination without having to worry about getting lost, and without major help from anyone.

They End Confusion And Save Time

Confusion is the biggest culprit that wastes time and makes people late and feel frustrated. A journey should be pleasant and must not be time consuming more than it has to.

Therefore, way finding signs work as a guide to help people keep on the right track to reach their places, whether in a complex building or on the road.

Final Thoughts

Way finding signs are a major part of traveling today, not only for elders but for individuals of all ages. However, there importance id of much more significance when it comes to elders as they are the ones who face issues while traveling the most due to old age and memory issues. 

These signs help to reach the destinations on time and with ease as they serve as guides to keep people on the right path saving them from tension.

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