Thinking of trends, one is reminded of fashion shows – spring/summer, fall/winter the runways inform us of trends to follow in a year. Surprisingly, it isn’t just clothes and make-up that are affected by trends. Something as inanimate and static as commercial signage is affected by creativity, innovation, and latest techniques! Since we’re just a few weeks into 2019, we’ll talk to you about the latest trends in commercial signage, with the basic understanding that commercial signage is moving from the static to the dynamic.

Unity Signs , Commercial SignageVideo Walls

The biggest trend for commercial signage in 2019 will be a shift towards video walls. They are expected to see an 88% increase over the next few years.

Video walls will be seeing a massive surge in popularity and usage. Modern day technology is making possible slim screens with bezel-less edges that literally blend into the wall in commercial spaces. The reflective screens displaying engaging content can prove to be cheaper than backlit signage and are perfect for ambient lighting and bright sunlight. Video walls installed as signage offer high contrast with wide angle views for people on the move and clear, glare-free screens.

Currently, the most popular size for a video wall is between 55” inches, but manufacturers are now producing 88” screens for commercial signage.

Responsive Signage

Continuing with the digital signage popularity is responsive signage. Large screens showing traffic and weather conditions will be more common. Wayfinding screens in large public spaces like museums, hospitals, and malls will become more interactive and engaging.

Fresh Content on Signage

With signage increasingly moving towards the digital, content is becoming a very important factor in signage. Fresh content keeping up with the audience and their notoriously short attention span means retailers and other business owners need to keep content relevant and updated. This is true not just for digital signage, but also for static signboards and banners.

Story Walls

One of the best examples of fast changing content on static surfaces is the brilliant new trend of story walls. These are large, flat surfaces in a high-traffic area, used by a business to promote fresh content in keeping with the brand’s image.

This could be a combination of the business’ history, the story behind a new collection, the brand’s philosophy and anything else that can catch its audience’s attention.

Building Wraps  

Like every other business sign, building wraps serve to reach more people, raise brand awareness and engage them. The quality and printing of these signs is improving as the printing technology advances. 2019 is looking good for printed signage with sharper colors, and building wraps are sure to benefit from this.  

UV & Layered Printing

Flatbed printers are performing at the best scale ever, and printing on different textures like wood and metal is now possible. There are machines to cut these materials with laser precision and creating customized, unique business signs are easier than ever.

RGB LED Signage

4 BILLION color combinations to light up a business sign. Need we say more?

3D Signage

Still, in its early years, 3D signage is finally coming into its own. Sculptural elements and customized design solutions will make sure this signage stands out from all the rest.

2019 is gearing up to show us better, more appealing displays being used for businesses marketing. The latest trends in commercial signage are edgy and exciting and will be perfectly able to reflect a business’ unique personality to its audience.

At Unity Signs, we have a team of designers and engineers who are on top of their game when it comes to awareness of the latest trends in commercial signage. The entire team works hard to deliver high-quality work that fully meets if not exceeds a client’s requirement for commercial signage for businesses. If you are looking to have commercial signage installed in Houston that is economical, on-time, unique and following the latest trends in the industry, we’re the one you are looking for.

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