These days businesses require constant efforts and with dynamic changes happening around the competition is quite tough. In such testing times, effective marketing is a must have tool. It is necessary that you use every option available for standing out from the crowd. Fortunately, with recent advancements, we have ample opportunities, from signboards to effective slogans, etc. One of such options is the use of LED lighted letters; it makes your brand appealing and targets the right audience.

Its distinguishing characteristic is that it accentuates the signs and enhances overall reach. Signs help the customers in locating your product or services more quickly; all you have to do is find which will suit your business and prove beneficial. Let’s have a look at different methods of perfect signage.

Lighted Letters LED

LED lighted letters are perfect for targeting your audience since it makes the name readable even at a distance and helps it stand out from others. The best feature of using it is that it enhances legibility; the brightness catches people’s attention, especially at night.

This feature comes in handy for marketing in the areas of low visibility and moving traffic where the attention span is less, and the driver’s glance is more than enough. You may think, why not go for neon as it is a brighter option? Well, the cost is an important marketing factor. It is essential that the strategy falls under the set budget.

Moreover, lit signs from LED are easily manageable and require less maintenance. They are highly resistant and last very long. LED lights have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours which constitutes about 7 years of continuous use. Another added advantage of using LED lighted letters is reducing carbon footprint.

Monumental and Dimensional Signs

If you want a professional and sophisticated look, monument signs is what you should go for. These kinds of designs is well suited not only outdoors but indoors too, inside the mall or shop or the plaza.

The crowd will notice the sign and get attracted to it; it is easily spotted, making its usage in hospitals, universities, and amusement parks fairly common.

Painted or Carved Signs

You think only lit signs make a difference; well carved or painted signs also affect them. It gives some brands the edge they are looking for. It is best suited for street style targeted audiences and much more detail oriented as compared to the ones mentioned above. However, finding the perfect person with the right expertise is essential as it will make or break the brand.


We feel that the right marketing strategy is a booster for the business and requires meticulous decision making. If you want, Unity Signs can help. We have the expertise and can guide you towards the best choice, call 281 679 5152 for more.

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