Surely it is true that signboards are the most helpful tool in business advertising. Therefore if you want your business to capture the customer’s attention, then your signage should be very unique. There are multiple options when it comes to signboards and it becomes hard to decide which will suit your business.

Monument signage is also an effective choice. Well, the question is why so many people choose monument signs? Most probably because of their sophistication and versatility. In this article, we will discuss how monument signs help in advertising.


Monuments signs have two parts, which are

  • Masonry component
  • Signage component

Both components have multiple options concerning style and material. The masonry component can be designed by stone, brick, or stucco entirely based on the look you want. Many companies design signboard resembling their original products. Few designs in it contrast to their product.

The masonry can feature depending on the look you want to achieve. Many businesses take advantage of the fact that monument signs can be made to match the architecture of their buildings. For instance, if your office is a brick building, you may choose a brick monument sign for the purpose of cohesion in design. Though, you can also choose a material or pattern that complements your building or product.


The masonry component can be expensive. Therefore for a cheaper option, you can make your monument sign out of foam panels that look like stone or brick. It gives almost the same effect as masonry. Many people cannot distinguish between masonry and a foam monument. Moreover, foam monuments are lighter in weight, so they are easy to replace.


On the other hand, you have options such as illuminated and non-illuminated signage, for the signage component. Illuminated signage contains a sign cabinet, which is a box composed of aluminum and Plexiglas that provide light to your message.

Moreover, separate illuminated alphabets can also be used to sign cabinet or directly to the masonry. Additionally, you can slot in a digital message center into your monument sign for a better look. You can also replace the message according to your requirement. This is a fabulous option for advertising unusual promotions or prompting different messages that can catch viewers’ attention.

Non-illuminated monument: In certain cases, illuminated signage is not preferred due to certain restrictions and various other reasons. However, there are many good options for non-illuminated signage, which are as follows:

  • Engraved signs composed of High-Density Urethane or wood
  • Individual, Dimensional letters highlighted to the sign’s masonry
  • Sign panels designed from aluminum with vinyl graphics


As monument signage is placed at eye level and is big enough to be easily noticed from a distance, they are easily visible. Therefore they increase the probability of being noticed by the passing traffic.

Normally these sign boards are placed near roadways and sideways, so they are easily noticeable. Due to their unique designs, different patterns and lightning option, they easily catch attention both during the day and night time.


Although these monument signages are expensive, the benefit they provide is more in comparison to the cost. They add great value to your business. They make your presence more prominent and increase efficiency. Once spent, this monument signage can last up to years.


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