Houston is a large metropolis in Texas and 4th most populous city in the United States. It is home to 130000 business establishments, including energy, retail businesses, aerospace, technology, travel, hospitality and is no. 1 region for exports in the country. Thanks to its rich culture, art, active sports scene, 19th-century architecture, luxury hotels, and upscale restaurants, the city welcomes a large sum of tourists every year. Being home to many businesses, the city’s corporate life requires effective and efficient advertising and marketing techniques to stand out in the crowd of numerous small and big companies and fast-moving industry. It is a well-established business and well-recognized company or one that is new to the business landscape, letting people know more about your business is critical to encourage them to visit your location and opt for your services or purchase your products.
So, the success of every business largely depends on the quality and effectiveness of its advertising. However, there is numerous way to publicize your brand of business, but the first step for every business would always be outdoor signs.

Outdoor Signs are the First Marketing Tool

Outdoor business signs are a vital tool for both new and established and small and large businesses. Outdoor signs give customers the positive first impression a business needs to draw people’s attention and reinforce the brand’s message. These signs create a presence bringing customers to the storefront and also communicate the services and hours.
Therefore, outdoor signs are best for business in Housten because, though the city is home to many larger corporate entities, it houses a growing number of small businesses, for which traditional forms of advertising are way too expensive, time-consuming, and hard to manage. So, outdoor signs offer a win-win situation for both small and big businesses. Let’ explore the reasons, why and how:

Outdoor Signs are Simply The Most Cost-Effective Form of Advertising

Compared to traditional advertising such as billboard advertising, magazines, radio, or TV commercials, a business can easily gain significant exposure at a much lower cost with outdoor signs. Furthermore, refreshing your advertising message with print and digital media cost massively every time. On the other hand, outdoor signs offer unlimited possibilities for fast and easy message changes at a one-time cost, which is ideal for both small and large business because money is the ultimate reason behind a business.

Provide 24 Hours of Marketing

Outdoor business signs do everything from increasing the brand’s visibility to building a deeper connection to current consumers a company has. And the best part is that there is no campaign ending date, unlike other marketing schemes which are time-limited and costly. Outdoor signs advertise a business around the clock while improving the amount of foot traffic a business gets through the door.

Proven to Increase Profitability

According to market research, a single, well-designed, and well-structured outdoor sign has the power to significantly increase annual sales. One reason is the impulse stops, which constitute around 20% to 45% of traffic increase for many businesses, as per the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). It is because outdoor signs charm people walking or driving by to stop and check out your business establishment or any promotion you are offering, which consequently, mostly result in increased sales.
Display of illuminated outdoor signs, limited-time offers enticing sales on your LED regular change in messages, often give consumers new motivation to enter your doors.

Quick Updates of Latest Marketing Messages & Promotion of Special Events and Collections

Outdoor signs alert the customers for special events like upcoming or going-on sales, a new collection or special days such as Valentine’s or mother’s day, increasing the chance for a higher sale. Print and digital media advertising take a lot of time in production while signs spread the message quickly, expand your reach way faster, and ensure quick updates on the latest marketing messages. So, these signs not only perform the job of spreading awareness about new updates but also promote exciting new products or services.

Build Business Awareness and Familiarize Public with Brand

People like to shop from the brands they are most familiar with. An outdoor sign, featuring all the necessary components for good signage can familiarize people with your brand and increase your company’s presence in their minds. They also help reach people that pass by your business every day. An outdoor sign with your logo and company name clearly displayed increases noticeability and improve increase business awareness about your services and products.
So, the more exposure your business has, the better customers will be able to recall your offerings and like to shop from you.


In a city like Housten, your business is bound to face fierce competition. However, an eye-catching sign can make you stand out among the competition and keep the business going especially in a high traffic location because overflow traffic from other areas can find your business and make a spontaneous decision to use your business.

Here concludes our list of reasons why outdoor signs are best for businesses in Housten. These signs are not the face of your company or brand but also your business advocates. Outdoor signs can attract customers towards business by effectively promoting a business 24/7. So, all you need is a reputed company to create ideal outdoor signs with well-thought-out design, proper letting, and brand-specific coloring, among other features to shape your business awareness.

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