Channel Letters Signs in Houston, TX

Grant your storefront an undeniable presence with Channel Letter Signs.

One of our most popular choices for a sleek, modern storefront appearance, channel letter signs can present dynamic, effective signage for your business in Houston. Showcase your brand’s logo or typeface in 3D and attract high-value clientele today!

Want a channel letter sign for your business in Houston, TX? Contact Unity Signs today to discuss your project and speak with our in-house design and fabrication team.

undeniable presence with Channel Letter Signs
Channel Letters Signs

Unity Signs – Your Houston Channel Letter Sign Manufacturer

As a seasoned channel letter sign manufacturer and installer in Houston, Unity Signs can help your business significantly impact and attract new customers with customized style, size, colors, and attractive logo crowned to the front of your building.

Unity Signs has been in the signage industry since 2003, helping many businesses project their brand image with channel letter signs. Most of our products and services are backed by a five-year guarantee, fulfilling all your signage needs in the Houston area. Contact us today to get your custom quote!

What are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letters are three-dimensional letters that form the basis of your storefront sign. Based on your requirements, we can fabricate channel letters of any thickness, shape, and size.

You can also have your channel letters custom painted in the colors that best reflect your brand identity and maximize visibility to customers and visitors.

We can also add lighting components, such as neon elements or LEDs, to add extra pop and wow factors to your signage.

Interested in getting custom channel letter signs as an exciting upgrade for your business in Houston, TX? Contact Unity Signs at (281) 679-5152 for a consultation.

Channel Letters Signs

Are Channel Letter Signs Durable?

We use various materials to construct your channel letter signs in Houston, TX, right here at our fabrication facility. These can include:
  • Aluminum. This forms the base for the shape of the letter and is the primary construction material we use due to its lightweight durability and resilience against the elements. We use welding techniques to ensure your sign is exactly the shape and size you desire and stay true to your original design idea.
  • Acrylic. To form the front face of your signs, allowing light to shine through, we use thick acrylic that won’t crack and allows the vibrant, bright shades of your paint to shine.
  • Polycarbonate. For specific applications, we can use polycarbonate instead of acrylic for the front of your signs.

Recent Channel Letter Signs

Here are some of the most recent and creative Channel Letters Signs we have designed and installed in the greater Houston area. Interested in one of your own? Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to discuss your project with you!

Need To Discuss Your Sign Project?

We will be glad to assist you with your next sign job. Simply provide us the information on what you need, and we will get back to you within some time.
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