Reverse Channel Letters in Houston, TX

Add A Classy, Elegant Upgrade With Reverse Channel Letters

Welcome to Unity Signs – where we will meet every signage need for your business. Highlight your brand’s logo or typeface in 3D to attract high-value clientele with reverse channel letters in Houston.
Reverse channel letter signs are one of our most popular choices for a modern storefront appearance. Contact Unity Signs today if you want a reverse channel letter sign for your Houston business and discuss your project with our in-house design and build team.

What Are Reverse Channel Letter Signs?

Also called backlit or rear illuminated, reverse channel letters are 3D letters lit behind their shape. They are mounted slightly away from the wall so light can shine around the letters, creating a “halo” effect. They also illuminate and shine the wall behind the letters for easier reading, delivering a wonderful ambiance with a muted glow.

Based on your requirements, we will fabricate reverse channel letters of any style, shape, and size for your business in Houston.

Do you want to get reverse channel letters to add a wow factor to your signage? Contact Unity Signs at (281) 679-5152 for a consultation.

Reverse Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letters vs. Reverse Channel Letters

The simplest way to describe the difference between channel and reverse channel letters is that the lighting effect differs.

With channel letters, each letter has a pleasing, illuminated face that is transparent to allow light through. With reverse channel letters, the light shines out of the back of the opaque lettering, creating a “halo” effect around the letters for a unique, classy appearance.

Are Reverse Channel Letter Signs Durable?

Reverse-lit channel letters are lightweight, making them easy to install. At Unity Signs, we use weather-resistant and durable materials to construct reverse channel letter signs for your storefront in Houston. These include:
  • Aluminum: It is the primary construction material we use to form the base for the shape of the letter due to its lightweight, durability, and resilience against the elements. Our expert manufacturers will ensure your sign is exactly the shape and size you desire and stay true to your original design idea.
  • Acrylic: This material allows the light to shine through, so we use it to form the front face of your signs. We use thick acrylic that won’t crack and allows your paint’s vibrant, bright shades to illuminate.
  • Polycarbonate: This tough, transparent plastic material offers outstanding strength and is impact resistant at all temperatures. For specific applications, we can use polycarbonate instead of acrylic for the front of your signs.

Recent Reverse Channel Letter Signs

Here are some of the most recent and creative reverse channel letter signs we have designed and installed in Houston. Interested in one of your own? Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to discuss your project with you!

Need To Discuss Your Sign Project?

We will be glad to assist you with your next sign job. Simply provide us the information on what you need, and we will get back to you within some time.
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