We offer complete range of sign services. From Sign Designing to Sign Installation, Sign Fabrication and Sign Maintenance.

Unity Signs

Sign Designing

We have a in-house team of designers who produce the most creative and professional sign layouts with your logo or artwork. We schedule an appointment to extract your ideas and preferences for your sign designing. From there, a collaborative effort between engineering, production and installation team members ensure that all designs meet the superior quality check standard which separate Unity Signs from our competitors.

Sign Design Professionals
Sign Installations

Sign Installation

Do you have a brand new sign, but no installation team? Unity Signs has a capable fleet of service/crane trucks that provide our experienced team the ability to complete multiple sign installations in a single day. We also work with many sign companies for their sign installation jobs. Our professional and experienced team of installers makes us unique.

Sign Fabrication

Proven sign fabrication techniques and innovative solutions allow us to create superior products for clients. Skilled professionals from all disciplines apply accumulated product and manufacturing knowledge to every sign job. We are able to ensure a high quality product with unmatched structural integrity. All our projects follows the National Electrical & Sign Codes.

Sign Fabrication
Sign Maintenance & Sign Repair

Sign Maintenance/ Repair

Sign maintenance is vital to your company image. If your signs is not performing as it should be, reflects directly on your company image and could cause you business loss. We can safeguard your image by repairing and maintaining your sign, even before it could create a negative image on your customers.

Parking Lot Maintenance

It’s easy not to acknowledge parking lot lights until they burn out. However; it isn’t easy to obtain the equipment and manpower necessary to maintain your parking lot lights. Unity Signs recognizes this and provides an invaluable service to companies that understand the negative impression given to their customers by poorly maintained parking lots.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Need To Discuss Your Sign Project?

We will be glad to assist you on your next sign job. Simply provide us the information on what you need and we will get back to you within sometime.

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