Every business needs signage, and schools are no exception. However, unlike other businesses, conventional signs might not work for schools. School signs cater to different audiences, so they exhibit different content. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter how different signs for school really are because with Unity Signs, you will always get it right. Hence, without further ado, let’s discuss the types of signage and content your school will need.

Outdoor Signage:

Safety Signs: If the school is in session, you must tell others. “Stop” signs or “drive slow” will convey your message. Careful color selection will make the message prominent. Therefore, most safety signs are painted red or yellow so that they can attract attention in a glimpse. If you feel the color is not enough, then customize the pylon sign with LEDs. All you need to do is light up the sign during rush hours.

Small pylon signs work best to alert passersby and vehicle owners during rush hour. Nevertheless, free-standing signs will suffice with acceptable content and optimal sign placement.

Branding Signs: With the need for safety signs done and dusted, it’s time for some branding signs. After all, you run a great school, and everyone should know about it. We are talking about conventional branding signs for your school. Wall-mounted signs that display your school’s name and its logo will do great. Again pylon or monolith signage comes in handy to exhibit your school’s services and accomplishments. This concludes your need for the school’s outdoor signage, including branding signs and safety signs.

Indoor Signage:

Digital Signage: You can’t overlook the impact of digital signage in the world of education. A wall-mounted LCD behind a receptionist’s desk is an impactful device when running influential media. Just think about the effect of a slideshow flaunting your school’s achievements and services. However, do you know what will really boost morale? A triumphant display of your school’s hardworking students, be it in the world of academics or sports.

Standees Or Wall Poster or Graphic: Every institute has certain policies, and everyone affiliated with it should be aware. Hence, why not display your school’s prominent rules or instruction on standees? We know notice boards are a great tool, but the clutter of other notifications pinned to the board may bog down important messages. Therefore, if you want to make sure that a message gets delivered, print it out on a free-standing sign.

A bare wall may feel like a total waste of real estate. Hence, why not invest in some wall posters or graphics? Motivational quotes can serve your institute well by motivating young learners to give their best.


Signs for schools are not entirely centric on marketing, and a school owner needs to consider investing in safety signs and instruction-oriented signs. Therefore, you need to strive for a balance in your signage strategy. The right mix of branding, student safety, and awareness signs will bring about a positive change for your school. Contact Unity Signs at (281) 679-5152 to discuss your ideas and to learn how we can help you manifest them.

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