Typography is one of the most important design factors and many times most ignored too. As much as your logo is responsible for giving you the right visual advertisement, so is the typography you use for your signage. Signage plays a large role in advertising your brand or company to the public; we have looked deeper into this in another article.

A signage includes your logo and the name of your company or brand. If designed right, it can act as a great first impression of your service. We put in a lot of thought and research into designing the logo but forget to pay attention to the typography of the signage. The typography, in casual terms, is the font you use for displaying the name of your brand or company on the signage. It represents your service or product just as much as your logo.

Here are three ways in which typography helps enhance your signage.

What Is The Mood You Want To Set?

As simple and silly as this question may seem, it is the first step to figure out what the right typography or font for your signage is. For example, if you are a toy store then you would want to set a playful and silly mood that would be comfortable for kids. You could use softer and rounder typography compared to a more edgy or straight font style that you may use for a corporate firm.

You can find the mood you want to set by simply brainstorming what your service or product means.

What Color Would Make It Visible?

The color of your typography and logo, against its background, plays a very important role in the visibility of your signage. And to discuss this thing in detail, we’ve previously mentioned it in one of our article onĀ How To Pick The Right Color Combination For Your Logo Design

If the color of your text is in a very close shade to the background or not at all in synch with the background, it can dent the visibility of your signage. For example, if you have a yellow backdrop and a green text, it may be too striking to the eyes of a person and possibly repel your consumers. But it can work if the tones of these colors are in synch. That is, if you have earthy tones of yellow and green against each other, it can work. It is very important to use the right colors to keep the visibility of your signage intact.

What Is The Right Spacing And Sizing For Your Font Design?

This is a part of typography that gets ignored easily. The spacing between the letters and words of your text play a vital role in designing custom signage for the business. If you are going for a light mood then you might want to keep the font style narrow and long, but also have a wider spacing between them and letting them breathe. If you are trying to set a mood of strength, then you could have a wider font style but have very little spacing between them to maintain the intensity. But it is key to know what is too much or too less, it is very easy to go wrong.

What Is The Crowd You Are Aiming At?

It is very important that all that you are trying to convey through your typography is understood by your audience. For example, you are opening a store in the city of Houston; the right place to start is to research the existing old and successful businesses in the locality. Observe what it is that the people in Houston are comfortable seeing and what are they open to. This could help you narrow down on the design for your signage that would be understood and accepted by the city of Houston. But do not forget to have individuality in your design.

It is always best to hire a professional signage company who can give you an outside and technical perspective on the right typography for you. Your signage is part of your marketing strategy and hence it needs to be taken care with special attention.

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