Lobby or reception area of your business is the first place the customer and other stakeholders of the business enter, and it should be impressive enough to make them loyal to the company for a life time. It means that a lobby sign is of great importance. The lobby sign should welcome the visiting people, and the sign should communicate the purpose of the business or a brand.

If you are in a marketing team of a business/company, it brings a lot of responsibility on your shoulders when it comes to choosing the lobby sign for your reception area. Before investing in a lobby sign, do not forget to consider the following things:


  • Manufacturing material:


You lobby signs should be different from your competitors in the market, even if you do not have more words to say. Lobby signs can be made of dimensional materials such as acrylic, sandblasted or aluminium. 

You can also opt for 2D or 3D signs. The 2D and 3D lobby signs stand out from the wall and are usually made of frosted or etched glass. You can also choose the lobby signs made of stainless steel, brass or copper. It is important to select the manufacturing materials that would last for long.



  • Color choices:


The color of the lobby signs should be in contrast with the wall behind on where the sign will be mounted and your company’s logo colors. If the colors of the sign are not possible to be changed, you can paint the wall to a lighter color that contrasts the sign colors to make the sign really stand out. 

It is also to be noted that the color of lobby signs should reflect the company image and its purpose of being. Colorful lobby signs can be eye-catching, but many companies also prefer to opt for a brushed satin metal look.


  • Size of lobby sign:


Select the size of a lobby sign according to the size of the lobby/ reception area of your office. Small sized lobby signs would have less impact on the people. Choose the most appropriate size for your office that is big enough for your message to be displayed in an engaging manner.


  • Consider your budget:


There are a plethora of options when it comes to buying lobby signs in the market. Each sign and each of sign manufacturing company comes with different budget. Being a representative of your business, you should discuss your allocated budget for lobby signs with the sign manufacturing company and choose the best that brings the best both for your budget and the quality.


  • Lobby signs with LED lights:


Lobby signs with LED lights are a bit expensive in comparison to others, but the benefit of a lobby sign with LED sign is that it is more visible even if there is less light or dark in the lobby area. 


  • Consider your lobby space:


Onsite visit to the lobby space is a must before you make a final selection of the lobby sign for your business. It will give you an idea of the exact size and color scheme of the sign. Consider the viewing angles, distance, and type of wall on which you want to put the lobby sign. If you want to choose an LED lightened lobby sign, you should consider the position of the socket for power supply as well.

Concluding Remarks:

With latest marketing trends, the lobby signs are used by the companies or organizations to leave a long lasting impression on the potential clients, as lobby or reception area is the first place of the office where a client builds his initial thoughts about the company. 

The mounting of lobby signs on the walls is not a rocket science, but there are few things that need to be considered before investing in one. It is important to choose the correct size and color of a lobby sign. Keep the wall behind simple, so that it gives maximum exposure to the sign. A business can also invest in an LED designed lobby sign for maximum visibility. All these measurements can be taken according to the size of the lobby area to make it a welcoming space for the visitors.

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