Whether you run a small-sized restaurant or a big one, you will need quality and business-appropriate signage strategy to attract and increase the count of your diners. A sign is nothing short of a long term investment as an engaging and carefully designed goal-oriented sign, used in the right manner will effectively and efficiently establish your brand identity and bring in new people. So, careful selection of a sign will reflect the character and genuineness of your business, producing a lasting impact on the current and potential customers and boost your profit.
However, many fail in their quest of choosing the right kind of signage for their business. So, if you are facing the same issue, well, this post is all about giving you pro tips on choosing the right restaurant sign to boost your business. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Staying Visible is the Key

Whatever style of signage you choose, the first and foremost rule you must consider is that your sign should be visible at all times and from most angles. For this purpose, remember that bigger is better and try placing the restaurant sign tall so people walking or driving by can easily spot it. Investing in billboards, roadside signs will be helpful if your restaurant is located in a tourist-heavy area.

The Power of Alternate Views

This is important because many times cars tend to block the view on busy roadsides or trees, and curbside plants can also obstruct the view. So, you can place another sign at a higher position such as a window or rooftop to solve this issue. It would be better if you choose a different form for the other signs because it will add in contrast and bring freshness. You can also paint your store’s glass with your business logo.

Market Day and Night

In the restaurant business, it would be great if you invest in a lighted sign because it will advertise your business when it’s dark outside, and even after closing. We would recommend LED signs as they glow brighter than traditional lights and can be spotted behind glass windows and even in direct sunlight.

Simple and Effective Text

Sparing use of words immensely impact the overall appearance of the sign and makes the display better and easy to read. Six seconds is the business average for reading a billboard. So, try keeping your text around 10 words if you wish your signage to catch the attention of drivers and people speedily walking by. But do not forget to humor them because a cheesy, food-pun related or a comedic sign can go a long way when it comes to appealing diners.

Put an Easy-to-Read Outdoor Menu

Putting a free-standing menu holder in an easy-to-read location for people passing by will do great for your business because no restaurant owner would want to lose potential customers because the menu is not easily accessible.
You can also purchase a chalkboard and place it outside your premises. The chalkboard allows easily erase and change in your menu to stay current and fresh. It is also great if you don’t have enough space for a full menu as you can market your signature and special dishes at your restaurant entrance to give the customers a taste of what you are offering. Inviting and exclusive texts like “special treat for today only” tend to create more impact and are likely to lure more diners.

Animation and Action is Vital

Moving signs have become essential as they catch customer attention will scrolling images. Many lighted signs provide multiple display modes prompting text to blink, flash, or crawl. This is the reason why most restaurants use digital signage for indoor use such as screens showing the whole menu, new arrivals, and special deals.

Never Underestimate the Power of Right Color Composition.

Colors cast powerful subconscious effects. Therefore, companies regularly use colors to create effective advertisements for their customers, existing and potential, and to appeal to them.
For example, you will always see sale signs featuring a light-colored background with the dark and bright colored typeface. It is because this combination quickly seizes the viewers’ attention towards the promotional sign and charms them to purchase the products.
So, here are some pro tips you should keep in mind when choosing color and composition for your sign text:

  • Contrast with a light color font on a dark background, or a dark font on a light background.
  • Keep font easy to read and uncomplicated.
  • The background should not distract or overpower the actual message.
  • Select colors that symbolize your restaurant theme. Choose a signature color scheme and be consistent in your use of it.
  • A warm color pallet is mostly used by restaurants as bold colors such as red is associated with energy and has been proven to stimulate appetite glands.

So, here you have them, the pro tips to choosing the right kind of signage for your restaurant. Just remember a sign needs to communicate a lot in a very short period of time such as your restaurant’s name, style of food, and a sense of your brand. So, make sure that restaurant sign is easy to recognize design and is placed on the right location

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