Advertisement is no doubt one of the most important tools to boost your business. But it all depends that how effectively we use this tool. Through sign boards, you can easily spread your message and create awareness. But signboard designing is not an easy task.

How Your SignBorad Should be:

There are a few things you must remember before designing signage. Your business’s outdoor signboard must be correctly labeled to attract the customer. It should help in conveying the type of experience inside. Your aim should be seen, lucid, and kept in mind.

In order to gain the desired reaction from consumers, both appearance and content are significant. A sign’s design is undoubtedly even more significant than what the sign says. Obviously, if it’s not readable, you can’t act in response to what the message is saying.

According to a study, a person driving on a rush highway looks at a sign and reacts in 1.5 to 3 seconds. So don’t forget to maximize your sign’s visibility and readability.

Signage advertisement, Unity Signs Houston, pole signsMistakes You Should  Not  Make While Designing  A Signboards:

There are a few things; you should always keep in mind before designing a signboard. Few of them are as follow:

Color Combination:

Well, maybe we all are not good in color contrasting, but in designing a signboard it is very important. There are contrasting colors and complementary colors. In your signboard, your letters should contrast with the background you are using. However, colors chosen for letters should not be such that they stand out against the background. On the other hand, they shouldn’t look gaudy or bright.


One of the worst mistakes that are often made is not measuring first. Signs look really awkward when one runs out of space at the end. The lettering written in the beginning gets closer together.  And the letter, in the end, is wrapped awkwardly. So plan your layout roughly to monitor space.

Imperfectly Chosen Size:

The size of the signage is repeatedly one of the most ignored things when designing them. Why do you think size is of that utmost importance?

Because signboards will go unnoticed as it won’t be clearly noticeable to the passersby. Whereas too big signboards will cost you a lot and might not serve the purpose it is used for.  Therefore, abstain from using too big or very miniature signage. Design them of the standardized sizes that are clearly visible even from a large distance.

Avoid Spelling And Grammatical Errors:

Likewise, doing grammatical or spelling errors on your signboards can turn out to be a massive blunder. Somehow, mistakes are easily pinpointed. When you are advertising on a bigger scale for instance signboard for a supermarket, you simply cannot have any sort of content errors on it. Be very particular and sure before approving your final design.


Yet, the simpler the better! It’s greatly recommended that you keep your logo as simple as feasible. If you are choosing a blurry image for your logo than it should be easily understandable. The shape linked with your brand should be identifiable.

Another mistake that is usually done is taking an image in place of a logo. If you’re doing so, it can serve as a brand asset, but can’t be a logo. Choose a creative person not very familiar with your brand take a look at your logo. He will tell exactly how successful you’re in conveying your message.

Overstuffed With Content:

There is a possibility that you want to convey everything to your viewer through your signboard. But this will make your signboard to appear untidy and jumbled and even bewilder the readers.

So, add only the basic information and features in the signboard. Convey the information in fewer words. You can also add pictures and other visuals as a replacement for putting in too many texts.

Not Considering All User Types

Whenever you are designing a signboard, keep in your mind all kind of audience it is addressing. When talking about all user types, and then we need to think about special people, people traveling with children, the senior citizen.

So we should take special assistance to cater to all kind of users. Make sure that your product is addressing all of them. This will increase your productivity.

Font Size:

Be careful in choosing the font size of your text. It should match the size of the signboard. Along with that be certain that important information is properly highlighted. Classic fonts are usually the most appropriate choice for readability.

Bad Visuals:

Focusing on the visuals of your signboards is really important. Few people are using numerous fonts, colors, pictures, and unnecessary things on their signage. Too many visuals elements can make your signboards look substandard.

Don’t use more than 2-3 colors and funky fonts except if you are promoting a special offer or service that requires a little more creativity. Make your signboard attractive but not messy.

Consider Unity signs for Your Signboard Design:

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If you are worried about your low income in your business or you are starting a new business, we are here to promote your business. We will design a perfect advertisement to improve your income.

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