Whether your business is a small-sized startup or a bigger one, you will need quality and business-appropriate advertising and marketing strategy, which includes careful selection of signage for your brand or company. Choosing the suitable signage is as important as thinking of a catchy name for your company because both the outdoor and the interior signs reflect the character and genuineness of your business and produce a lasting impact on the existing and potential customers.

Appropriate Signage for Your Business is An Investment

Signage advertisement directs and informs the potential clients as it is an efficient way to establish your brand identity and attract more customers. An attractive, easy to read sign is bound to maintain existing clientele, bring in new people, and is especially great for local business and new start-ups. According to research, 90% of customers shopping on impulse are enticed by signs that feature sales promotions and deals.

Furthermore, signage advertisement is more cost-effective as compared to other forms of advertisement such as T.V or internet as a sign is visible 24/7 throughout the year, which provides a continuous effect. So, engaging signage is a long term investment which can boost your profit if selected, designed and used in the right manner and effectively.  

So, the question is not what signage do for you, but how to select the right type of signage according to your goals and targets, and this is precisely what this article is all about. So, let’s get into it.

How to Choose the Suitable Signage?

First thing first, you will need a professional signage company with a reliable work profile. Never choose a company just because it is in your area because choosing a wrong company will only result in a mediocre or even below average output. Always select a company which has experience in all fields, including designing, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation of various types of signage. And we are sure, UnitySigns will be more than satisfactory in this regard as the company has been offering specialist services in all signage fields for more than a decade and has rich experience in making all kinds of signs including channel letter signs, pole/pylon signs, monument signs, dimensional signs, ADA signs, and many more.

Now, that we are past the company selection, let’s get into the tips to choose the suitable signage for your business and discuss some options.


  • Fabric Signs


These are colorful, unique, and economical, but require quite an upkeep and replacement as compared to more heavy-duty materials costing more in the long run. You can go for vinyl, plastic, or nylon banners ranging from $3 to $9 per square foot. However, expect to pay more for durable fade-resistant fabric while charges for hardware and installation are separate. These signs are versatile and suitable for any type of business can use them. Equipped with a lightbox, these signs will make it easy for your customers to read the store name at night.



  • Plywood Signs


If you are looking for your restaurant or café to give the storefront an old-fashioned touch or you are a retailer looking for a bespoke look, these signs are perfect for you.

Plywood signs are affordable, simple and elegant signs with a 4’ x 4’ painted plywood sign starting around as low as $50, excluding installation fees. Size, type of finish, and paint are the elements that decide the cost and are subject to weather damage. So, may need frequent replacement. 


  • Digital Signage


These signs have become a popular indoor strategy point, typically used by stores to promote daily specials, showcase latest deals, or display new collections, such as clothing brand sand fast-food chains. 

So, if you are in the retail business, digital signs can be massively influential in promoting your business.


  • Painted Glass Signs


Looking for an attractive, distinctive, yet a low-cost option, using your store’s windows as the canvas might be the right thing for you. These are very popular among cafes and restaurants as we all have seen them. 

These signs start around $150 depending on the design and complexity and go higher for more detailed designs and high-end durable paints. However, if you want your sign to be visible from quite a distance, it might not be for you as the sun’s glare diminishes the visibility of their design.



  • Neon/ LED/Glass Tube Light Signs


Businesses that operate in the night, such as fast-food chains, bars, or clubs, can immensely benefit from these signs. However, they are expensive as compared to the other traditional signs as a custom sign can cost around $1,000. Furthermore, the upkeep is expensive because they are made of glass and can easily be damaged by weather requiring an expensive repair. 


  • Punched Metal Signboard/Laser Cut Signs


If your business requires a sleek, modern or retro sign, these laser cut signs are a great option as they are durable, weather-resistant and offer either a clean feel or a historic touch, depending on the design. 

Typically these cost between $200 to $1500 with size, color, and texture largely impacting the price.


  • Metal Logo and Lettering Sign


Throwing off shadows, these three-dimensional storefront signs add texture and interest and are quite popular among retail business such as bookstores, clothing, and lifestyle retail stores.

Generally, these signs start around $200, depending on the letters size and the type of metal used, excluding installation. Getting them lighted attract more attention and increases customer visibility but also increases expenditure. 


  • Metal Storefront Sign Boards


These eye-catching, weather-friendly signs work well in a variety of locations and business types but are quite expensive. An average 4’ X 8’ can cost around $300 and up, excluding installation, and if you opt for individually cut out lettering, the price will go up due to custom labor involved. 

So, here we have some great options for every type of business with approximate budget estimations. However, selecting suitable signage for your business depends on your business goals, customer profile, and your location. So, pay close attention to these details and go for an option that best suits your budget and business. 

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